How to write the cultural diversity essay

How to write the cultural diversity essay

Considering the example of the American Dream (Social Darwin’s “vision of the future”), it is worth writing that, in his opinion, the American Dream is an idea of human nature that leads to the total equality of opportunities in the society.

In the eyes of Darwin, the American Dream is a society of individuals, united by a single idea, the purpose of which is to increase the population as much as possible. In the system of social Darwinism, the American Dream is the result of a natural order. The society, having established a healthy social order, has priority tasks which it seeks to fulfill. The first of them is to grow the population, ideally, over a period of time. But realistic calculations show that the population can maintain its growth only if the ratio of the population is more than 1.5. But there are limits of growth, and the first of them is the time necessary for the growth of the population.

Writing the essay on the ecological effects of increased population, you may describe the picture of the future world. The following features characterize a society that, in its development, goes beyond permissible limits, uses the free resources of the earth and the whole of humanity. A society that creates its own traditions, beliefs, dreams can only exist within the framework of the law, without which it cannot live.

The main thing that concerns the population is the allocation of time. The pace of extinction of species dies faster than the pace of extinction of others. Reducing the population, although it seems to be an easy process, actually takes a lot of time. In fact, the process of extinction does not fall into the ordinary cycle of events. It is rather complicated. It is represented in the following equation: the population, in its turn, must periodically lose a part of its previous size, and then it will also go extinct.

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In some cases, the cycle of extinction is compared with the cycle of growth. The first one is the time of the emergence of a new species. The second one is the time of its extinction. Typically, the largest number of individuals who can be called heroes are born during the historic period.

Determining the causes of population growth, it is worth noting in “Effect of population on environment” essay that, in the most part of cases, this process is rather complicated. For example, with the development of civilization, the number of people has become much higher. But the process of population aging is also significant. Persons may be old or young, married or single, generally have more children, etc.

Relations between nations and nature are also taken into account. The purpose of the quantity and quality of consumption of resources, their interrelation, their integration and dispersion are studied. Native tensions are detected. The population, especially at the stage of its growth, tends to settle in new places. The tension of social processes is enhanced by the difference in the levels of economic development, quality of education, culture, etc.

Lastly, it is worth to mention in an essay on population crisis that, in most cases, the cause of the rapid growth of the population is the improvement of the quality of medical care and means of subsistence, material comfort, etc. And the population, in most cases, is included in the first category of the population.

Now, it may be written in a short “How to control population?” essay that the main factor that stabilizes the population is the improvement of the quality of medical care and means of subsistence, higher wages, a reduction in poverty level, and a certain decrease in the number of people working on the lower incomes. However, in the last decades, the content of this factor in the population has consistently been declining. The decrease in it is observed in the countries of Western Europe and the USA. The levels of retirement unemployment, the creation of a household budget, the provision of social services and pensions are also among the factors that influence population aging.

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The causes of population aging are the decline in the birth rate, the family decline, the mortality of intergenerational relations. This is the reason for the rapid aging of the population, which in the theory of population aging is also being provided by demographic data. The following facts are observed: the population grows only in the last 30 years for girls and by 15 years for young men. The ratio of population to population is progressively negative. The number of people alive per day is the lowest.

The causes of population aging are extreme poverty, unemployment, divorce, unplanned pregnancy, high child mortality, and low life conditions. The biggest factor is the progressive substitution of the population by other users of the environment.

Explain in an essay on population expansion and sustainability that, in the period of the largest immigration waves, the lower class of the population is most exposed to negative trends. (Illegal) abortions, obeaching the social need for them, are the main example of protest movements.