How to write the dark side of deforestation essay

How to write the dark side of deforestation essay

To write the research paper on deforestation, you will have to analyze the ideology of the groups that are involved in this problem. That will allow you to understand what the next actions on the part of mankind will be. After all, the Dark Side of deforestation is considered to be one of the most dangerous processes in the environment. Therefore, it is extremely important to warn others about this danger. The ideology of some revisionist environmentalists is dangerous for our planet. Therefore, it is crucial to pass the laws that are going to protect these people. At the same time, the ideology of some reactionaries is innocent in its nature. They are the only ones, which can be called heroes.

The philosophy of some reactionaries is different from the ideology of any ideology. Therefore, it is worthwhile to describe the ideology of some reactionaries in your environmental problems essay.

Due to the lack of communication with other environmentalists, they maintain a passive position on the development of the natural environment, do not take any actions on the situation in which the nature is consciously suppressed.

Ideologists, especially the ones, who work in media, often lead a double life position. They can be sincere with the environment, but this double life is contrasted to the real world where everything has to be changed, especially in the nature. When writing a negative effects of pollution essay, you can easily find the adherents to this point of view, and this is their double life position.

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Any result that the person receives for fulfilling his productive work is up to the social average. The wealth and poverty of people are to be expected. But the psychological standard of many reactionaries is completely different from the ideals of a humanist.

The reservoir of water is filled with seaweeds and small animals eating them. The fish also eats the plants of the sea. Somewhat later, the seaweeds will become the garden soil again.

So, you may state in essay on water pollution that imitation of a natural ecosystem is carried out in such areas of the reservoir as near the beaches, near the canals, near the coasts, and so on. The connection of the reservoir to the state system is partially abolished.

  • It should be emphasized in an essay on water pollution that the most serious problems of thermal pollution are associated with thermal power plants. Generating electricity with the use of steam is inefficient because in this case, 37-39% of coal energy and 31% of nuclear energy is used. Despite all the shortcomings, thermal power plants continue to exist.

    Most of the energy of the fuel, which cannot be turned into electricity, is lost in the form of heat. The simplest way to get rid of this heat is to release it into the atmosphere. But the more economical method is to use water as a cooler because it is able to accumulate a huge amount of heat with a slight increase in own temperature. Later, water gradually releases heat into the air.

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    Such influence causes considerable damage to the environment. At the same time, the necessary heat is obtained in the coolers, bath houses, lighthouses, and on the offshore platforms of marine platforms, where it is condensed by the production of ice. The heat is released in the form of micro-heats.

    Such inorganic contaminants as sodium chloride and sulfate, calcium chloride, etc. (i.e. salts formed during the neutralization of acidic or alkaline industrial effluents) cannot be processed biologically or chemically. Stress in an “Effects of water pollution” essay that, although these substances themselves are not transformed, they affect the quality of the water in effluents. In many cases, it is undesirable to use “hard” water with a high salt content, since it forms a sediment on the walls of pipes and boilers.

    Such inorganic substances as zinc and copper are absorbed by muddy bottom sediments of watercourses which take wastewater. Then, together with these fine particles, they are transported by the current. In an acidic environment, their toxic effect is stronger than in a neutral or alkaline environment. In the acid wastewaters of coal mines, zinc, copper, and aluminum reach concentrations that are deadly to aquatic organisms. Some pollutants, even if they are not very toxic, are transformed into harmful compounds during the dissipation of acidic or alkaline wastewater.

  • With the help of biological water pollution, the following poisons are formed: benzine hydrocarbons, ammonium salts, phosphates, etc. In the interior of closed systems, the dissolved substances are condensed, and the drug is applied to the bloodstream, absorbed by blood, or burned.