How to write the effects of government corruption essay

How to write the effects of government corruption essay

Government is one of the most important social institutions. The rule of law and order develops a democratic system and the rule of justice based on respect for the law and principles of society.

Many researchers note the following characteristics of a democratic state:

  • the existence of a freely flowing, freely creative economy;
  • a system of public institutions controlling the state power;
  • a system of state regulation of the economy;
  • a system of state supervision over the activities of the citizens;
  • a system of control over the state power, the privilege, and immunity of citizens;
  • a system of individual opportunities and achievements of the citizen;
  • a system of rule based on respect for the law, respect for moral values, democratic rights, and democracy;
  • a system of natural law, the arbitrariness of judgments, aversion to the adversary in the process of struggle for justice;
  • a system of social practice of the state in the field of human rights protection and development of the personality;
  • a system of family, civic society, state structures, the limitation of human rights (except those that are contrary to the moral orders, since the state and society are required to strictly follow the moral norms;
  • a system of mutual assistance and support between the state and society;
  • a number of institutions of public and state activity, the interdependent system of international relations;
  • a variety of forms of domestic and international cooperation;
  • the possibility of freely floating foreign countries, the freedom of choice and action in the field of international relations;
  • The peculiarity of the US is the long-term ability of the American society to create new law on the basis of the existing customs, institutional and legal means, which allows to tackle problems in a variety of forms.

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    Using the paper writing service, you can analyze the work of the American administration in the field of human rights. You will learn about the methods of its governance and commentary of the public laws. The behaviour of officials and other public officials, especially in relation to specific targets, is examined. Often, the purpose of such legal acts is to prevent a certain problem in the state of affairs in the country of the application of which prevents public goods from reaching certain parts of the population, including the families and individuals of certain classes.

    The idea of a universal and free language is put forward in the concept of human rights as one of the basic human rights. At the same time, the organization of cooperation is aimed at the attainment of the maximum possible range of rights, including the right to life, liberty, security, adequate food, fair trial, freedom of movement, citizenship, family, property, freedom of thought, conscience, religion, work, rest and education.

    The range of interpretations of the concept of human rights is very wide. In particular, the concept of the civil liberties is a basic right which protects citizens from aggression, harassment, coercion to conversions, marriage and adoption of children. The internal regulations of civil liberties, which appear over time and are reinforced by the actions of American lawyers and judges.

    In essence, free speech is the absence of state censorship, and its regulation by law is based on the action of the Supreme Court in accordance with the original and substantial content of the decisions of the American Supreme Court in the case of P. D. Ford v. New York (1925). It is firmly established in the American legal concept and recognized by the American people as one of the most important legal instruments for ensuring freedom of speech.

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    The cases recognized as decisions of the American Supreme Court in relation to freedom of the press (censures, restrictions on publications, freedom of other forms of expressive activities, prohibitions on particular professions, etc.) are usually brought to the Supreme Court of the United States. Usually, the cases are formulated in the form of prohibition on freedom of speech or other expressive activities, due to the difference in the objective circumstances of the situation.

    As it is believed in the US, the objective conditions of the freedom of the press are established by the American legal tradition. At present, this practice is so widespread that the established terminology is often incorrectly applied in practice. Numerous cases of abuses and misdeeds are recognized without the slightest justification. This makes the job of the American legal system into the role of the most important anti-censary law.

    Unlike France, where there is a simple and unambiguous right to use the press (albeit with restrictions) as a method of exercising freedom of speech, the America invented a legal concept with a long history. The first recorded restrictions on press freedom was established in the United States.