How to write the gay rights pros and cons essay

How to write the gay rights pros and cons essay

If you are gay and want to write an essay like this you will definitely need to study the topic of sexuality. Indeed, this is a fairly complex subject to study, and it’s not going to be easy to do, but the task of the essay is to give the reader some basic understanding of the basics of the matter. To start the things of, we are going to talk about the biology of sexuality.

The word “homosexuality” was invented in 1869, and many scientists from various fields of study tried to understand the meaning of this phenomenon deeper:

  • neurologists and psychologists studied the biological basis of sexual behavior, exploring the brain and nervous system, sex organs and regulation of the hormonal system in humans and animals;
  • psychologists and psychiatrists were studying the “prerequisites” of sexuality of an adult, forming the psychologically mature and psychologically deaf person;
  • sociologists and anthropologists explored the social context of homosexuality; some of them argued that society influences the formation and development of a person;
  • historians considered the circumstances and events of the past, influenced the formation of our attitude towards homosexuality;
  • zoologists studied homosexual behavior in animals as models of human homosexuality;
  • evolutionary biologists developed theories of Genesis, even the evolution of homosexuality.
  • The opposing gay marriage essay should note that deeply ingrained antipathy towards homosexuals and the unpleasant consequences of disclosing homosexual orientation lead to the fact that people who have realized their own feelings, often experiencing an identity crisis. Some can survive the storm, others die, and some others for many years suffer from trauma caused by the stigma. Some of them hate themselves and seek to “heal.” Unfair and ignorant counselors involve homosexuals in closed communities, where they are surrounded by fear and disgust, where they pray for redemption and learn to hate themselves, where they’re constantly subjected to brainwashing, called “reparative therapy”. Gay and lesbians initially demanded to be left alone, and only recently began to seek the right to be included in society — the right to have their love and relationship were adopted and recognized as legitimate. Perhaps once the prejudice against LGBT will become as unacceptable in our community as prejudice against ethnic and religious minorities, it will be perceived as something absurd and absurd. On the way to this, we managed to achieve success, but much remains to be done.

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    For almost 100 years gays and lesbians have been fighting against the forces that suppress and persecute them. Many of them had to wear a pink triangle on their clothes and die for their protest. But now many more people proudly put on a pink triangle and march along the main avenue declaring themselves. They stand for recognition and freedom and call their friends and relatives to join them. Use this info in your gay marriage essays.

    Human sexuality, like our speech ability and a whole complex of skills, which we call “intelligence,” can only be understood as a result of the complex mixture of nature and upbringing, psychology and biology, genes and the surrounding environment. Sexual orientation follows so many biological “rules” that homosexuality cannot be considered

    exclusively social “construct.” Critical periods of development, hormonal processes, differences in the structure and functioning of the brain – all indicate the presence of the biological basis of sexual orientation. But, as Kinsey showed, people cannot be divided into “righteous and sinful.” The gay marriage papers should outline that the preferences of people of one’s or the opposite sex or both sexes can manifest themselves in different ratios. Unique experiences of life experience interact with unique biological capabilities and form different sexuality of personality. The complexity of these interactions and the infinite variety of human experience also explain why no one has yet succeeded in finding the “cause” of homosexuality.

    Although many people try not to carry other people into categories, the human personality seems to have an unusual interest in the study of itself. If you take one or two numbers of any favorite psychology magazine, you will, for sure, find there some “tests” that pretend that they give readers a deep understanding of themselves, including often helping them decide whether they belong to one or another “category.” People mark options for answering questions about what they do at parties, or what pets they have, or what colors they like to define their “intuitive” mind or “analytical”, “emotional” or “rational,” and then they are interested in how they can apply the knowledge they have gained. Who among us after dinner at a Chinese restaurant did not read “Why I am a good worker” and “I can use the ideas of an essay on income inequality” because it is not necessary to do such things to answer the questions asked at the end of the essay? That is a work of art.