How to write the literary analysis essay?

How to write the literary analysis essay?

It is necessary to analyze the work of the English playwright, to consider his contemporaries and conclude his own thoughts on the phenomenon under consideration. The literary essay format presupposes the separate analysis of the form and the content of the picture. Ideological content – the problem area of the story and its subject. In addition, it is a pathos, in other words, authors attitude to things depicted by him, which can be sentimental, romantic, heroic, tragic, dramatic, humorous, satiric. The literary form is a way of content presentation. Analysis of the genre and compositional features refers here.

The researcher also studies the artistic uniqueness of the genre, analyzes the words and actions of the author. An expert analyzes the work of the text, the actions and consequences of the author, the circle of his influence on the perceived world. As a result, the conclusions about the content, form of the work and the authorial position are drawn.

Now we turn to the question of the composition (economic, philosophical, historical, etc.) and the idea of the “American Dream”. The “American Dream” is a symbolic concept, the result of a number of stages (six in each, the first one is called “The Transformation of the American Dream from the Very Beginning”, etc.).

The project of the US literature is the representation of a symbolic heritage, the expression of the American Dream thought which is also called “Dream” in many countries of the world. According to the experts, “The Dream” is a part of the personality of the American person, his dignity, independence and sovereignty. It embodies the ideals of Freedom, Justice and Universal Peace. All the above mentioned can be used for demonstrating the American Dream essay ideas.

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However, the job of the Dream is not only to show that the American Dream is important. It is also worth noting that the word itself means and means equality, the opportunity to stand in the world and to be no less proud of your rights than others, the ability to stand in the world and to be able to help the country, the desire for good, and the ability to work, as well as all the other characteristics of the American Dream.

The combination of the practical, philosophical character of the American Dream and the culturally significant, historically accredited symbol is one of the most important examples of the formation of the individual American Dream, especially for the purpose of the American Dream Institute of the New World. At present, this institution is engaged in providing the free and responsible education of the American Dream abroad, as well as providing “American Dream” essay assignments in the USA.

How to write the American Dream essay?

The obvious part of the American Dream is democracy, which, in the United States, as the first power in the world, ultimately leads to a constitutional state, in which the rule of law and order over the country’s future belongs to a defined and well-established religion. In the hearts of the American people, democracy is a political means of reaching equal opportunities in the social structure of society, regardless of religion, language, income, social status, political opinions, policies and so on.

In the context of the struggle for the American Dream, the term “equal opportunities” means the absence of social inequality, the elimination of social differences between the two classes, the adoption of the principle of merit equality and the basis for the establishment of equal moral standards.

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The term “equal opportunities” also means the elimination of social inequality, the provision of the right to equal treatment in the public sphere, the guarantee of the right to participate in the management of the state-owned enterprises, the right to paid vacation, fairs, and other vacation, the right to a family vacation, and the like.

The main goal of the equality of opportunities is to eliminate social inequality, and thereby to increase the welfare of the middle class. The word “equality” means social and economic equality, the absence of social stratification, discrimination based on the similarities or differences in the activities of the two classes, the ability to freely communicate and receive the information needs of the two classes. In other words, it’s and equality of opportunities that allow each to fully enjoy his own freedom, justice and, as a result, the possibility of ending homelessness in the US.

So, the equality of opportunities is a set of conditions where no matter what one does they will get the same income as others. In Europe, such possibilities were considered to be the fundamental rights of the individual, including freedom of speech, property rights, health, and religion. They were also given the right to equalize their activities and apply their own case-law system.

Equality of opportunity is also a humanistic value, it means the inalienable part of the overall socio-economic progress of the society which is provided by the activity of the middle class. In Europe, the middle class acted as the economic class, and the lower class acted as the social club.