How to write the main part of your research paper on population

How to write the main part of your research paper on population

After you decided on your own attitude towards the problem of population, it’s worth choosing the socio-political conditions that prevailed in it.

  • Many researchers believe that the main difference between younger and older families is the degree of independence the parents have given to their children, their desire for the establishment of a small business, their desire for social advancement. Parent support and desire for the best education for children, for example, can be considered as the main motivations for the formation of the younger family. The mentality of parents in the family clearly shows the stereotypes about the attitude towards the child: the aboutness of the child, the desire for easy and rapid enrichment, the desire for social security, and so on. Thus, in modern families, there is a stereotype about the need for intensive supervision and control over the behavior of the parents.

    The hierarchy of family values for women and men, as one of the most important parts of the value system, is composed by marriage, kinship ties. This system provides for the adaptation of the child to the changing conditions of life. Therefore, the transformation of values by the process of marriage can and should be completed in order to move on to the next generation.

    In the transition from family production to self-service economy, the role of traditional family responsibilities decreases significantly, especially for children. The modern family faces a problem of excess reproduction, which, however, can be partially solved by means of marriage.

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    The second change touches upon the problems of social and economic inequality: in the middle of the twentieth century, the family no longer occupies one tenth of the social income. In the future, the labor of adults is no less important than the education of children. Therefore, in future, the families will need to recruit actively on the basis of the educational institutions, in particular, higher education.

    Thus, the problem of population aging is primarily related to the transformation of the family, which occurs through the natural population decline due to the decrease in the birth rate, the decline in the birth rate, and the popularization of old people, as well as certain social factors, for example, the shrinking of the number of children and young people, the increase in the proportion of older people, etc. In this regard, the demography of aging is less important than the process of population aging, which in its turn, affects the process of aging.

    The cause of population aging is mostly associated with the process of migration, especially international, which leads to a certain decrease in the population of certain states. The process of migration is usually characterized by a gradual decline in the birth rate, which leads to a reduction in the number of children and young people.

    To reduce the proportion of ageing, states should aim at making childbirth rate more affordable and accessible, encourage teenagers to provide for child birth, and provide training for teenagers.

    Considering the problem of population aging, it is important to note that the process of aging depends on the overall characteristics of the population. Young people are often the first to suffer from this problem.

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    In the period of maximum fertility, the number of people over 60 years reduces from 1.5 to 1.4 billion, and the number of elderly people – from 1.6 to 2.516 billion.

    In comparison with previous periods, the reduction in the number of old people is more than doubled, the number of births and deaths among the same age groups.