How to write the political corruption essay?

How to write the political corruption essay?

Before you start working on the assignment, it is important to have the gathered data checked. The closer you get to the specific point, the more accurate your question is, the more interesting it is to search for the received information. The more you study the topic, the more interesting it is to find answers to your questions.

Studies on political corruption

The work on this topic begins with the report of the International Centre for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA), an American organization. IEA institutions are established in more than 45 countries around the world and involve ministries of education, pedagogical faculties of universities, research institutes.

IEA research is built in a special sequence. Its explanatory models are based on training programs. The task of the organization is to survey thousands of students in each country with the help of academic tests compiled on the basis of training programs.

The used tests on academic performance are aimed at measuring achievements of trainees. Results can be assessed in points, adjusted and compared with similar data for the country. The obtained information is correlated with other factors influencing academic achievements (for example, with the content of training, technical equipment of a school, the sex of students, and so on). The purpose of such research is to create a sufficiently flexible model that allows measuring the complex impact of the different educational factors on the process of mastering knowledge.

It also should be mentioned in a research paper about political corruption that, in addition to the IEA, there are other organizations involved in international testing. For example, the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (Hamburg), The International Centre for Pedagogical Studies (Sevres) conducted with the IEA a joint study on reading skills in 35 countries (1990). In this case, the definition of the best or worst country in the studied area was not the purpose of testing. The task of the research was to find the most effective learning conditions.

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US situation

Today, a group of American highly qualified psychologists works to create educational tests. It’s worth writing in a “History of standardized testing in the United States” research paper that national tests were first compiled in 2 series, 2 versions in each series. Improving the methodology, American testers provided sample exercises for each section.

The development and evaluation of tests are carried out by special government services. In 1900, the College Entrance Examination Board was established in the United States. In 1926, the College Board accepted the SAT test. Tests for the qualification and professional assessment of the teachers’ activities were developed. Since 1947, there is an Educational Testing Service which is considered the most representative research center.

By 1961, 2126 standardized tests were created in the USA. There are a lot of test publishers, the total output of which is several thousand different tests. Naturally, these developments differ in quality and in demand for them. The published tests are annotated annually, and the most significant examples are commented in the annual “Mental Measurementmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentment Report”.

Material for advantages of a standardized testing research paper

It should be written in essays on standardized testing cons that the popularity of the test method is explained by the main advantages listed below.

  • Standardization of conditions and results
  • Test methods are relatively independent of the qualification of an examiner. Even a laboratory assistant with a secondary education can be prepared for this role. This, however, does not mean that it is not necessary to attract qualified pedagogues with a full-fledged education for preparing a comprehensive conclusion.

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  • A typical test consists of a series of brief tasks. As a rule, not more than 1 minute, each of them has to be performed. At the same time, a group of students is subjected to testing simultaneously. As a rule, the time spent on testing is about 1-1,5 hours.

  • Optimal complexity
  • Essays supporting standardized testing should also include information about the fact that a test compiled professionally consists of tasks of optimal complexity. At the same time, the average subject gains about 50% of the maximum possible number of points. This is checked through preliminary testing. If it becomes known that approximately half of the audience coped with the task, it is recognized as successful and left in the test.

  • Reliability
  • This is, probably, the most important advantage of tests in the educational system which necessarily should be included to an outline for research paper on standardized testing. The lottery character of standard exams with “happy” and “unhappy” tickets has long become a legend. Such approach creates a threat of a low reliability – the answer to one fragment of the curriculum, as a rule, is not indicative for the level of mastering all the material.

    In contrast, any competently constructed test covers the main sections of the curriculum (area of knowledge, the manifestation of some skill or ability).