How to write the progressive family values essay

How to write the progressive family values essay

The topic of the essay is related to the problems of the society and the author’s attitude to the family as a social institution. In other words, it is about the ideas and ideals of people living in a given society, their attitude towards children and parents.

In the U.S.A. a new type of the American ideal, economic inequality, demographic problems, moral problems and many other were created. The crucial difference is the difference between the ideal and the reality, the values of the ideal and the problems of the world.

The problem of equality is very serious. Its spirit is one of the main principles of democracy and statehood, it is based on the social and economic reforms. In the system of economic relations, social and economic inequalities are inherent, just as in the system of democratic civil society.

Assimilation in the social composition of the country is carried out on the basis of universal values, the principles of social responsibility and freedom of activity which ensure the legitimate and balanced development, each of them has certain natural limits.

The family, as a social institution, is obliged to contribute to the social and economic development of the country in the long and complex process of adaptation to the world of opportunities. The family acts as the economic and administrative institution, the backbone of the social state, along with the community, the instrument for achieving the goals and objectives of the national society, the main counterweight to the influence of wealth, aristocracy, and feudalism. In this sense, the role of the family is more than an economic institution.

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In the family, the allegedly responsible role is occupied by the husband and wife. They take care of the child, provide income, marriage and kinship needs, even the provision of aid and assistance. In the modern family, there is a privileged relationship between the spouses. The necessity for addressing the problems of population, therefore, the family acts as a cultural center, a place where the everyday problems of mankind are solved.

As a society, the family acts as a cultural community, a place in the social structure of the society. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. Modern researchers study it as a “cultural mother”.

Through the family, generations replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. Modern researchers think that the family is a “cultural institution” in modern society. Its functions are the upbringing of children and the management of a common economy in the family.

As a social institution, the family is quite often the target of social negative laws, regulations, acts of public punishment or revocation of social status in the family. Therefore, today, the family is particularly sensitive to the changes in the economic sphere, in this part of which the economy and public relations are integrated.

The problem of child labour in the family, the influence of cultural traditions and values on the formation of the child labour, domestic labour, child labour in society, the contradiction between the ideal and the reality, the degradation of the family.

To make a correct analysis in an essay on child labour, it is worth stating that the concept of the “family” in different countries of the world reflects the evolution of attitudes towards the family, the transformation of values. The values of people are universal, legitimate and anchored by law.

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The main domestic values, which make up the framework of the moral law, are respect for the dignity of the individual and respect for the ideas and beliefs of the partner, rights, freedoms and interest of the child. These are broad categories illustrating the interaction of the normative concept and the prismatic understanding of the relationship between the child and the parents.

In the framework of the domestic morality, the following concepts are inextricable:

  • family values – the values and beliefs of the husband and wife;
  • family relationships – the very important joint activity;
  • parent and child relationships – the most important social relationships;

  • family work and childcare – the effects of family conflicts;
  • economic relations – the role of the spouse as the main economic regulator;
  • communication of parents and children – the form of the relationships between the child and the parents;
  • own image and the attitude of parents towards the child;
  • parents’ role in the family is lower than the children’s.
  • The value differentiation between adults and children is presented in a differently structured way which, however, is consistent with the theory of marriage. Real or virtual couples meet under the conditions of common values. There is a relatively high stability of values.

    There are two types of relations functioning in parallel in society: romantic and parental. The latter, in addition to the traditional family, are called transformed by the marriage law into strong families – moral and emotional support, high social standards. The second type, in addition to the moral standards, is called primary family relationships.