How to write the research paper on child abuse

How to write the research paper on child abuse

It is important to understand the importance of the family as a social institution. Strict forms of its regulation lose their importance. Socio-psychological, ethical and moral norms come into force, and the family takes a central role in the social organization of society.

Social norms are formed on the basis of common values that allow to describeively analyze the functioning of the family as a “social institution” in the framework of society.

The family acts as a cultural institution in the framework of the social context, directly social images emerge in the course of the education of the younger generation. The mentality of the youngster is formed and develops within the framework of certain values, and therefore, the norms of the World Health Organization (WHO), in accordance with which a person is expected to behave, approach and treat others, as his own heart and the core of the family.

The definition of the concept ‘family’ existing in the literature can be conditionally divided into three categories.

  • Such a variety of definitions indicates the complexity of the phenomenon. So, you have to make intellectual efforts to write a good argumentative essay on domestic violence.

    The family ‘does not fit’ into the framework of any area of knowledge. Its various parts are described by at least ten independent sciences. Each family researcher, in accordance with his goals, takes one aspect of family relations for consideration (philosophical, historical, economic, demographic, sociological, medical, psychological, or pedagogical, and so on), forms his own vision of the problem of family, proposes its solution.

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    Summarizing the above definitions, we can say that the family belongs to special, fundamental groups of society. It is both an independent group and a social institution. Family and marriage are social forms of regulating the relations between people. But, despite the proximity of these concepts, they are not identical.

    Essay outline for domestic violence research paper

    The topic of the essay is the consequences of the aggravation of family conflicts: domestic violence, psychological and economic, children’s and parents’ behavior in a family setting. The topic of the deviation of the family is also bound with some socio-psychological phenomena.

    The first is the influence of social estrangement. The character of this process is the decline in the prestige of the family as a social institution. The authority of the husband shifts to him. In the view of this, the wife is reduced to the role of a “wife”. Such reduction in the value of the role is manifested, especially in the behavior of men. The transformation of men into “wives” results in the activity of the latter in the process of the elimination of the former.

    Thus, for a family, there is a certain period during which the value of the institution is at least slightly higher than the value of the individual. But the difference in the results of these processes is always attributed to the transformation of the attitude of the individual and the failure of family institutions.

    The second stage is the transition from collective to separating meaning. The marriage is the inner expression of the coupling of partners, their psychological and social aspects. Emotions are expressed in the interaction of spouses and their emotions. The discrepancy between the ideal of marriage and the reality results in the fact that the wife opens up a new love, deep feelings, offers the awakening of deep feelings in the relationship.

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    The third stage is the early stage of the sexual crisis. The revolt of the sexual-partnerion becomes evident, which is expressed in the struggle for the liberation of partner from the role of a sexual partner, the right for sexual relations without regard to the creation of a family, the right for equal access to the reproductive cycle, and the possibility of divorceation of the spouse.