How to write the research paper on income inequality

How to write the research paper on income inequality

The topic of the article is global inequality in the economic and social sphere. It encompasses not only economic, but also other social, social and political aspects. In this group, you can try to mention problems of inequality in the society, problems of communication, and so on. The topic can be relevant for both workers and consumers of various goods. So, you a free to choose an issue to your liking if a research paper is needed.

The concept of inequality is a related prefix of several words: “isociative”, “group”, “social”, “equality”.

Workplace inequality is a topic that is unfamiliar to many people. We can assume that the idea of equality is being formed by a large number of Canadian workers at once. However, the word itself is not a solid concept, just like the concept of “equal”. In the first case, we always mean the relationship between people, but we don’t mean the exact equality of the results achieved. The second case is equality of opportunity, which is different from equality of outcome. Here, we can use the word “to achieve” in a sense of making a collective contribution to achieving the common goal.

The tokamak is a specialized term used in ancient Greece. The literal translation means the “throws of the finest”, “golden grass”. The word for describing the natural rights of employees was invented almost as early as possible. The founder of the English law in England sought to eliminate inequality and short-term concentration camps, which he called vassal death. In line with such concepts as abolition of feudal privileges and the establishment of equal treatment of all citizens, the tokamak was used as the basis for the Bill of Rights of 1689, according to which human rights are founded.

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The essence of the first international act of human rights was set forth in the definition of human rights in 1948. The UN Charter recognized this right as an independent human rights. Later, most European countries agreed with the European Convention on Human Rights. The spirit of the Convention was built over time, because the activity of individual states was regulated by the framework of the Convention.

Mention in universal human rights essay that this document, adopted in 1969, entered into force only in 1978. According to it, the functions of the International Court are to try cases against the companies that had engaged in violation of human rights before.

Description of modern situation in labor market and country of citizenship

The period of modern American history which begins with the Great French Revolution is characterized by the rapid changes in the labor market and increased competition in the labor market.

In the process of adaptation to the social market, the rights of employees were respected. But people were also let loose in the choice of profession. The upper and middle classes constituted a “triumph” in the process of economic stratification.

People were able to compete not only in terms of income but also in the status of positions. The middle class made contributions to the social market. Therefore, its changes were observed. In the process of economic stratification, the middle class was able to influence the social process and the destiny of the nation in the future.

Persons with a higher value in the labor market depend on certain attributes: qualification, level of education, culture, etc. However, the ability to use education is no less important than the ability to earn income. Statistics showed the huge gap in the wages of industrial and agricultural workers. Small workers could not compete with big businessmen.

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In the process of economic stratification, the middle class advanced its positions. It is important to note in income inequality essay that the changes in the value structure of the middle class were more pronounced than the changes in the wealth class, the status of the upper class. So, in the 1960s, the middle class was able to pay for everything. The difference in the salaries of different groups of workers was less, but the middle class still sought to hold high positions.

There were also cases, which indicate the shift of the societal elite to the middle class. The pattern was the tendency of the downward vertical movement of the middle class up the social ladder. For example, the wages of the middle class were higher than earnings of the lowest class. So, the middle class reached a position similar to the top of the social ladder.

There were also cases, which indicate the rejection of the social elite, i.e., the resistance of the lower classes to the development of the middle class. The case is the liberation of farmers from performing feudal work and the period of transformation of the rural population into the middle class.

Effect of economic democracy on the distribution of income in the middle class

The topic of the essay on economic inequality is connected with the opinion of Robert H. Levine, the great modern theorist of the effective promotion of economic democracy.