How to write the results section of a research paper on environmental pollution

How to write the results section of a research paper on environmental pollution

This part will be read by at least 40 people, while whole paper is usually reviewed in detail by a maximum of 5 teachers. Therefore, prepare this section with the highest quality and read it carefully, particularly the parts that interest the reader.

In this part, you need to describe the results of the research that you have conducted. The words “resume” and “student” are almost synonymous. Any environment will allow you to document the results of your research in the most vivid and detailed way.

If you are looking for the ways to present the argument-rich environmental research paper, it is reasonable to start with the part that explains the significance of the topic.

The main thing here is to give a brief description of the research that you have conducted and the results of what you have obtained. Do not retell the information that you have already stated. Instead, use words that convey the message meaning your opinion. Make sure to provide information that is relevant to the question.

The main accomplishments of the last decade have been in the field of theoretical research. It is important to mention in a research paper on environmental pollution that, despite the rapid progress of the technology of producing and transforming the natural environment, the symptoms of some environmental illnesses remain unresolved. In particular, toxic substances known as pesticides are still toxic to many people across the world.

Information for a “How to stop deforestation?” essay

The number of people who do not want to disturb nature and the world so much that pollutes their surroundings is growing. The number of people who believe that the world is obliged to conserve the natural environment on the Earth and actively reproduces the next generation on the basis of the natural resources of the world. Such attitude leads to the fact that the problems of predicting the future of climate change will remain unresolved and the consequences of the irreversible destruction of the natural environment may be extremely grave. Therefore, it is imperative to find new and effective ways to tackle this problem.

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Solution to the deforestation essay

Thus, you may conclude your essay on the importance of saving the environment by acting in the direction that nature walks when creating the moral image of the world. The moral image is the base on which the other side of the problem is built. The position of the hero is the most important one among the qualities of the hero. Therefore, it is extremely important to highlight in a research paper on deforestation that many problems in the world are directly related to the struggle for the consciousness and control over the nature.

The consciousness is the system of values and beliefs that are formed and evolve under the influence of the entire society. Thus, everyone should be prepared to defend the truth.

Unfortunately, many people are not able to see the value in this concept and create myths about the addiction to everything around. The scientific community is actively seeking effective ways to solve this problem. In particular, the Structure of Addiction is proposed in order to transform the reinforcing behavior of a person with the purposes of recovery from the drugs use. The addiction to is proposed to be treated. In other words, exactly the same way is proposed by the rehabs to overcome the addiction.

Such ideas are certainly not alone. The ecology of stereotypes and prejudices in the modern world encourages people to be narrow-minded and suffering from the inside. The case is understood as a circle of individuals closely connected by the tradition. Like a tribe, the community is a cultural community in which members are attached to each other and are able to share their problems, solutions, and so on. However, the same does not apply to debates about minimum wage. That is a specific situation along with the rationality of the humanistic culture.

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In the minimum wage debate essay, you may note that, in addition to the concerns about the minimum wage, the society is also concerned about other, more abstract level parameters: the quality of education, the level of social protection, morality, etc. The society feels itself a defendant for the problems of government.

In the essay on the economic potential of the United States, the way that the society produces the real and the fake goods spend a significant time on the market. The US government considers it economically inefficient to rely on the local production of goods and services. This results in significant supplementary costs. Moreover, the local population has to pay for the public services. Therefore, the fake goods and services are more expensive. In the end, the real goods sold in the market mean more expenses and less gross.

Obviously, the society has to take into account such difficulties in order to stay on the edge of the economic storm. Only in such a situation, it is possible to say with certain probability that the current level of insurance is not enough to make the typical consumer happy. And such remarks are only the obvious ones.

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If you want to write a persuasive essay but only a short work on the topic, feel free to pick the topic that you are not familiar with.