How to write the SAT Essay?

How to write the SAT Essay?
I am taking the SAT for the first time this Saturday, and I haven’t studied at all. I am worried about the SAT essay. What if I don’t know enough information on the topic they want me to write about. Is there anyway I can prepare in two days on how to write the SAT essay?

Do you have the Official SAT Study Guide? If not, see if your library has it. Then review pages 103-136, paying close attention to the sample essays and their scores.

The topics are very broad (such as motivation, persistence, success, adversity, etc). For this reason, you can take some pre-planned examples into the test and apply them to the question. I am a former 5th grade teacher, so I know a lot about the American Revolution. I can almost always find a way to apply this example to the SAT essay question (freedom MOTIVATED the colonists, the Swamp Fox exhibited PERSISTENCE against British troops, SUCCESS was directly proportional to the amount of desire to win for the colonists and indirectly proportional to the amount of desire for British soldiers to be in America, George Washington faced ADVERSITY at Valley Forge). What do you know a lot about? What book have you done a report on? Begin thinking about how this topic can be used for these general themes. You can see all of the themes here:

Your essay should be 4 paragraphs long: one for the introduction (that should only be 1 or 2 sentences long), one for your best supporting example (which should take up most of a page), one for your second example (also taking up most of a page), and one for the conclusion (but it is not necessary to write one if you fill up both pages and run out of time). You do not have enough time to develop an effective 5 paragraph essay and your readers understand this. Therefore, you need to have two great supporting example paragraphs where you not only explain your example but show how it proves your thesis correct.

Best of luck!