How to write the scientific research paper on child abuse

How to write the scientific research paper on child abuse

It is important to understand the importance of the academic assignment and to follow some rules which will help to cope with it. Adhering to them, a student will perform scientific projects equal to the highest quality. All the main features of the essay should be understood in advance.

The research paper is a kind of written work in which the student considers a particular issue based on existing scientific sources. The topic should be changed in accordance with the research goals (for example, to increase its volume, improve the quality of material provided to the reader, etc.).

The research paper provides an opportunity to express thoughts clearly and correctly, to analyze and systematize previously obtained information. Its author should be able to conduct a competent analysis and argue the chosen point of view. In addition, it is not enough to simply express your attitude towards the chosen phenomenon. There are also some requirements for the content of the paper.

Before you’ll start writing your own paper, it is necessary to prepare. If it is necessary, you should take into account the advice of the teacher and use the paper writing service from Canada.

If you have no idea on how to start a research paper, it is best to turn to the topic of the assignment. The problem of many students is the choice of the instrument for research. In order to choose the most suitable and effective scheme, you should first learn how to think logically and analyze the available facts, as well as express your opinion confidently.

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In order to do that, you should consider the following factors:

  • Intensity of the research. It is necessary to explain the theory of evolution, statistics, and other important data.
  • Ascertain the difference between the concept of the project and other types of papers. The difference is important because the student should be able to compare the study he or she performs with the real life, real life scenarios, as well as come up with the proposal for the new topic.
  • Diligence, attention, and insight. The student should be able to study the term, understand its meaning, get acquainted with the history of the issue, assess its scale, familiarize yourself with the approaches that exist at the moment, determine the main reasons for stimulating changes in the chosen area and possible consequences of inaction.
  • The object and the phenomenon under consideration. The object is a certain part of the scientific area in which processes and phenomena are not always studied. The phenomenon is an independent object of study which is often defined as a “free flow of thought”. It is usually understood as a sum of individuals with different views on the problem. For example, the freedom of speech essay is focused on the relationship between the author and the phenomenon of freedom of speech.
  • Ascertain the purpose of the paper. The purpose of the introduction is the idea of the overall results that must be achieved in the course of the study. Usually, it includes 3-4 sentences.
  • Main part. The final part of the coursework consists of 2-10 pages. It is a summary of the research process with the purpose of generating new knowledge, exploring the existing objective and theoretical knowledge of the topic, presenting the results achieved by a student.
  • Conclusion of coursework. It is necessary to summarize the work done, describe its results, and point out the ways in which the knowledge gained may be applied in practice.
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    Summarize the main findings of your paper in conclusion.


    It is necessary to indicate the sources of information used to demonstrate your competence. The bibliography, or complete list of sources, can be obtained from the coursework manual. It is advisable to use only reliable sources. As a rule, information is obtained from research projects and studies. The sources listed below should be used for a full and consistent study of the topic. You should also note the credibility of the sources used.

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