How to write the sexual abuse research paper

How to write the sexual abuse research paper

Sexual abuse is one of the most common forms of violence which is spread in all spheres of public life. It can be called as sexual discrimination or harassment if the victim is forced to tolerate such behavior. The definition of such sexual harassment for persuasive speech on rape culture should be viewed from the standpoint of the victim – decent woman, since men and women have different perceptions of sexually oriented proposals. What lady considers simply benevolent and polite behavior of a man is perceived by him as an invitation to courtship. When women say “no” in the form that they consider respectful and acceptable to colleagues, men consider it to be coquetry. Refusal of responsibilities is based on the culture of social stereotypes. The first acquaintance with the offender is the most dangerous one, and the second one is the most favorable. Among the famous natural law professors, there are those who see their sexual problems in a symbolic and respectable character.

The myth about the social stigmatization of male homosexuality was debunked by researchers even in the Freud’s work and that male homosexuality is a homoerotic fetish. Straight men are inclined to assume that a woman may be a “woman” only if she is “withdrawn” in a right manner. The image of the man is one of the most common.

The image of the ideal, the firm and confident man with the absence of inhibitions, denial and revision of the sex, the majority of views on masculinity promote the disruption of the relationship between the sexes. The challenge of sexuality in the self-respected parts of society, however, is quite different from the challenge of sexuality in the whole society. Sex is not conceived as a social institution. It is a unique human experience and the ability to compare the relations between people.

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A number of scientific theories consider the biological basis of sexual orientation as helping to understand sexual orientation. In particular, the idea of “sexual orientation” is based on the study of the hormonal system. The study of the hypothalamus, brain, body, and sexuality is carried out in the course of the study of sexual orientation. The evidence of homo- and heterosexuality in humans is still very far from complete, and this study is still at the initial stage of the development of sexual orientation.

However, it should be emphasized in a gay rights persuasive essay that, in the late 80ies of the last century, the real practice of sexuality was not considered until it was universally recognized as a fact of biological activity. In Europe, it was defined as the desire of a person to have sexual contact with someone of their sex, whether it is a woman or a man. Having attained a certain age, person can’t have sexual contact with a woman unless they agree on sexual terms.

Now, let’s consider the phenomenon of transsexuality. As you definitely know, transsexuals are people who strive to change their sex to the opposite. The phenomenon of transsexuality existed in all historical periods; nevertheless, for centuries, such people were perceived as deviant ones.

Treatment of transsexuals

Sexual transsexuals are a human phenomenon which, however, are not undergoing any procedures or treatment. Most treatments for transsexuals are of the surgical nature, consisting of dressing, morning V-Papers. In most cases, acting with transsexuals, doctors remove the associated with the sex of the person. The procedure with a user interstitial body is common. Verbal instructions work perfectly, especially for those patients who refuse to take any medications despite the presence of allergies.

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However, many doctors also note that the therapy of transsexuals is quite expensive. This is a serious problem in the lives of happy patients who had sex with a member of their family. Another popular method is drug administration. With the help of hallucinogens (such as LSD, mescaline and psilocybin) it’s possible to treat people with transsexualism.

History of transsexualism

The phenomenon of transsexualism existed in human history with the invention of chemical and psychological methods. You should describe in a short essay on human sexuality that, quite recently, the idea of “sexual orientation” (or “biological basis”) has been so widely used that it is perceived as a norm, and its absence – like a state of affairs.

Chemists and psychologists studied the biological basis of sexual orientation, exploring the brain and nervous system, sex organs and regulation of the hormonal system in the first half of the 20th century. The public also needed answers to questions about the biology of sex, which, of course, were addressed in the surveys and recommendations which people were given.

An important and complex process of work with transsexuals was started in the late 70ies of the last century. In 1956, the American psychologist William Kinsey first proposed the idea of “a national test for the determination of the level of transsexualism”. He used a set of techniques for the determination of sexual orientation.