How to write the sexual abuse research paper?

How to write the sexual abuse research paper?

The study of force is based on a scientific direction that is already being understood at the university. There are special psycho-physiological studies conducted. The aim of these studies is to define the character of the intervention (behavioral) in sexual situations. The tasks of the researchers are to study the impact of sexual factors on victims and the consequences of their actions.

During the studies, it is important to note that the target of the sexual act is a person who is the least protected from other types of violence. This may be, for example, a teacher at the university or a nurse. Target of abuse is also a woman.

There are different types of causes (negative factors) to mention in essays on domestic violence cases:

  • Psychological. Most often, it is a kind of understanding of the environment and the person who suffers from it. This type is called transitive. A transformation of the environment is carried out with the help of another person. So, it may be written in the essay on the impact of domestic violence on women that the author will try to fix the problems in the composition of the image of which is taking the form of the abuser.
  • Economic. This type of violence is often associated with financial difficulties of young families. The author can be induced to spend money on the order of the offender.
  • Demographic. The main features of this type are the patterns of family composition change, increasing in number of young families with children, boys, and girls. The number of young families continues to increase in the social stream. The number of children tends to increase in the stream of cases of violence, and the number of fractures in families decreases.
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    Based on these data, the following conclusions were drawn in essays on domestic violence: the essence of the transformation of the family is the transfer of its functions to the social organization, the influence of social factors on the family.

    The phenomenon of violence is associated with the growth of a multitude of new families, the popularity of single women, the decrease in the number of child marriages, the spread of single men among young families (except for the case of wives and marriage partners – holy unions).

    In combination, the process of the transformation of the family is accompanied by the transformation of the attitude of society towards the young families, the loosening of restrictions on marriage, the increase in the number of unmarried children, and the decrease in the importance of marriage.

    Thus, in the concept of domestic violence, the sources of coercion are much more defined than in the case of other types of family violence. The transformation of the family and the lifestyle of the victim leads to a change in the class structure of family activity, the value system of the family, attitudes and norms of behavior of members of this family.

    The second change in the value system of the family is the transformation of the attitude of the collective, its leader by the secondary standards. The leader loses his authority if a person acting in accordance with the norms of a democratically elected assembly has the right to assess the results of the collective, to act in the character of the state, to lead it in the direction of the country’s development.

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    Social activities, including the election of representatives, have a great influence on the system of family values. Hence, the problems of child marriage are acute. In modern families, there is a rapid change in the value system of the spouses and the distribution of household functions in the family.

    The transformation of the marriage also occurs the period of the emergence of a professional class in the family. The rank of the wife changes from the subordinate to the superior, the social position of men in the family changes from being a pillar of society to being an independent group.

    In the marriage transition period, the role of individual husbands and wives is so great that the reproduction of the family is immediate and complete. But the function of marriage is much more modest and unobtrusive. Marriage is a kind of the highest quality which arose before the emergence of the state and society as a whole. Around the middle of the twentieth century, the idea of marriage as a kind of institution socializes was so high that the couples were able to bear children for own benefit quite easily.

    Contracted by the change in the value system of the spouses, the ego of each partner starts to question the quality of marriage. The question of the proper allocation of roles is raised. The issue of equitable distribution of labor is addressed by the spouses themselves.

    If you write “How to end a marriage?” essay, it should be stated that marriage is by no means a completely rational decision.