How to write the sexual abuse research paper?

How to write the sexual abuse research paper?

Sexual abuse is a terrifying part of our world, which affects every person, including children. Every second offender knows how to avoid it. The reasons and consequences of this act are always unpredictable. It can be difficult for a victim to explain to the community why they did not use violence initially. To help such people, we have compiled a comprehensive guide.

  • Avoiding effect
  • The cause of sexual harassment is the fear of being ostracized. Such behavior can take different forms, and all forms have the right to act responsibly. The offender can try to meet the expectations of the victim by setting high expectations.

    This is how to help sexual assault victims. Find a way out of the situation. Perform a act of kindness. Give them gifts, praise and compliment. The closer you are to the person who affected your professional path, the more resources you are able to provide.

  • The perception of others
  • The way of interacting with the opposite sex is usually narrowed to two types: a complimentary and a demanding style. The first group will be called aggressor and the second group – ask for friendship. This is the most common pattern true for groups of people. The rest of the world will be no less clear with its boundaries. But this is not the only reason why people are scared of each other.

    As a rule, in everyday life, there are people who do not like others and always have aggressive behavior towards them. This characteristic is natural for a young person. Going to a new city, living in a dorm, earning money for clothes, eating out at a restaurant, etc.

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    But there are special circumstances when a type of behavior is unusual for men. The first are the typical macho-femininity combined with the mentality of a man who has regained his former dominance in society. The second type is the extreme masculinity, which is characterized by the desire for intimate contact. The third group is called ‘family relationships’ (that is, exclusively in relation to the marriage). There are several types of family, and each of them corresponds to certain marital ties.

    As marriage entails life of children, the intensity of sexual activity can reach 50-60% of the time that women and men live together. In addition, children can be a source of additional income both for the mother and the father.

    There are studies confirming that women are exposed to increasing concentrations of toxic substances from the atmosphere of suppressed aggression in the family. The relevance of the sexual abuse studies is due to the fact that the problems of reproductive activity in the family have been largely addressed in recent years.

    Except for the latter, all other sources of sexual violence are harmful for women including sexual. But the balance of negative impacts is clearly established. The reasons for the difference in the reaction of women to violent acts is largely based on their personal characteristics.

    The characteristics of the offender, the circumstances that trigger his aggressive behavior are examined in detail. In addition, the importance of the evidence of a positive impact is determined by the importance of the social value of the families as a mother.

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    Summing up, it should be noted in essays on family violence that, in any form, the violence in the family belongs to the experiencing of the mother, father, child or other person whose relatives, friends, and otherwise will be able to evaluate the occurrence of cruelty. It is inevitable to note in scholarly articles on domestic violence that the difference in the outcome of violence does not belong to the victim and does not involve his abandonment of the victim’s rights.

    The social risk of abuse and neglect, aggressive parents, domino-like motives, family conflicts are examined in relation to the increase in the number of women and girls with whom parents have to deal. Unlike any other study, this research is conducted in the context of ongoing crisis processes in the family and social interaction. The complex inner drama of family is disrupted due to the impact of crisis conditions on the family.

    Doctors of psychology emphasize the importance of social ties in the family as the main institution of family functioning which is indirectly affected by the attitude of the surrounding people to the children, the disparity between the value systems of the family (homes, paybacks, etc.) and the interests, positions, relationships between the child and parents. In the concept of “family relationships”, the anthropological origin of marriage is questioned. Why does this form of relationship between people exist, and what is its biological basis?

    The family acts as a cultural community – a group of people which is connected by a certain unity of life priorities, ideas, relationships between people. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. Modern researchers use the term “family” to characterize a relatively small number of people. There are many interpretations of the concept of family which, of course, are contradicted by the real meaning of marriage.