How to write the sexual harassment research paper

How to write the sexual harassment research paper

Sexual harassment is a severe form of discrimination, which is often accompanied by insults, mockery and humiliation. The environment must be tough enough to change the conditions of employment and create the pressure in the workplace. The definition of such sexual harassment for persuasive speech on rape culture should be viewed from the standpoint of the victim – decent woman, since men and women have different perceptions of sexually oriented proposals. What lady considers simply benevolent and polite behavior of a man is perceived by him as an invitation to courtship. When women say “no” in the form that they consider respectful and acceptable to colleagues, men consider it to be coquetry. Refusal of the male part of the family is beneficial to men, since women suffer mainly from sexual harassment.

The history of sexual harassment in the United States for essays on rape

This problem has long roots in the United States, especially for American women of African descent. The article written by a black nurse in 1912 tells how an owner of the restaurant where she worked as a chef tried to kiss her right on the first day. The rape of black ladies by white men in slavery was a common thing. Women could not help it.

In the 50-60s, the ill-fated single mother in South Carolina wrote that her boss at the weaving factory provided the women with the best equipment if they agreed to have an intimate contact with him. She refused, was fired and complained to the workshop manager. The woman noted that those female citizens who do not protect their rights are respected least of all.

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Women with disabilities are particularly vulnerable because they need medical care and there is a high likelihood that people will not believe their words.

Important fact for essay on sexual harassment! In 1986, the first major case of the Supreme Court stated that a hostile environment at work is constituted as a violation of the law prohibiting discrimination on the gender basis. However, attention was rather focused on the “undesirability” of courtship for the victim than on the violent behavior of the offender that would be the correct statement of the question.

The court approved for consideration evidence of allegedly provocative speech and dressing manner of the injured. This is an example of how a woman is responsible for male behavior. Attention should be paid not to whether the abuse was correct or whether woman deserved respectful treatment but whether such incidents violate the standards of decency and humanity.

The greatest risk of sexual harassment hangs over the women working in small businesses where there are no trade unions. New employees are easy prey since they are more afraid of losing their jobs than others and have not yet settled on the new place. Ladies working in enterprises with predominantly male staff are the least protected. In this situation, men usually use harassment as a way of not allowing a woman to move forward.

Finally, it is not difficult to find information about sexual harassment if you search the Internet. There are many reliable sites with information about this phenomenon. But most of them are located in the history of human rights issues. The first one is Internet, which, of course, was not accessible for the vast majority of people. However, a small number of search engines work just as efficiently as the search engine and give the user the opportunity to get relevant information exactly when they need it.

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How to prevent harassment essay?

Sexual harassment is a widespread issue in all spheres, be it industry, civil service or education. The issue of sexual harassment at the workplace attracts the increasing attention to the media, the public and the law. There is nothing fundamentally new in the concept. However, in the past, it was considered as a personal problem or simply denied, which left the victim with no choice but to quit. With the growing number of working women, sexual harassment became so widespread that it was recognized as a violation of human rights and the wall of silence surrounding this phenomenon began to collapse.

How to prevent rape essay may contain the following elements:

  • enforcement of fair and reasonable demands, including the initiation of a criminal case and an application for the alienation of the victim from the labor institution, the right to compensation for the victim’s services, social protection and benefits, the right to instruction on reasonable behavior, the right to social assistance and such rights as the right to property, defense of their interests and dignity, the right to participation in the management of enterprises, creation of a family and decision-making.
  • reformulation of the concept of the family, its reformulation which became a reality due to the work of specialists in social work with women (Bryant & Plattner, 2008. P. 1095).
  • assessment of the conditions of employment and entrepreneurship, their social conditioning (sex, age, nationality, etc.), their social association (sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.), their social status (class, gender, ethnic, marital, etc.