How to write the world’s highest water pollution essay

How to write the world’s highest water pollution essay

The focus of your research paper on water pollution is on the current situation in the world. The water crisis s the worldwide introduction of alternative (non-traditional) methods for regulating environmental activity, including regulation of emissions, collection of wastewater, generation of electricity, natural cleaning in agriculture, etc.

But first things first. The obvious one of the first things to change is the attitude of people towards drinking water. You can start with a story about attitudes in the first few lines of your essay about water pollution.

Story 1: There is a problem of water pollution

In the course of normal hydration, water becomes contaminated. The attitude of the public to drinking water is usually equated to the attitude of farmers to using water to stay alive. Therefore, when thinking what is normal, most people speak about the drinkability of water. But everyone understands that it is only a part of the water world. The lakes and rivers are filled with seaweeds and small animals eating them. Blue-green algae (or cyanobacteria) make the water almost impossible to live in.

Experience has shown that the level of ammonia is stable in the water environment. The substance formed during the evaporation is polluted, forming a solid waste of ammonia which is taken to the ponds or lagoons. The water of the lake that receives this waste is drained through a ammonia-processed sewage disposal facility. As a result, liquid and gaseous methane, carbon dioxide, mineral solid particles are formed. In the world, this material is used in the vast majority of cases for agricultural purposes – industries, domestic power plants, and irrigation systems.

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For these conditions, water pollution is considered as one of the most significant factors that lead to worldwide population growth.

Physical contamination

This is the most common and maleficent type of pollution. Physical pollution includes harmful substances which exist both in natural and in artificial conditions. They can be toxic, toxic or non-toxic.

  • Due to the toxicity and resistance, pesticides have become an effective tool for controlling pests and weeds. With their help, a human protects crops and improves yield. At the same time, there are many negative aspects which should be described in a “Pesticide water pollution” essay.

    Pesticides cause enormous damage to the environment. Because of their accumulation, natural chains of exchange are disrupted, biological and chemical processes slow down. Due to the lack of natural decomposition, various poisons accumulate in the organisms of animals, plants and reach maximum concentrations. When predatory species of animals eat infected prey, they receive a significant dose of toxic substances which continue to develop in their bodies.

    Chemicals, dissolved in rainwater and absorbed by soil particles, fall into the groundwater, and then – in rivers of farmland, where they are accumulated in fish and smaller aquatic organisms. Although some creatures have adapted to these harmful substances, there have been cases of mass death of individual species, probably due to poisoning with agricultural pesticides. For example, insecticides rotenone and DDT, pesticides 2,4-D, etc. caused a severe harm to the ichthyofauna.

    Even if the concentration of toxic chemicals is non-lethal, these substances can lead to animal death or other harmful consequences at the next stage of the food chain. It’s worth mentioning in an essay on diseases caused by water pollution that gulls died after eating large amounts of fish containing high concentrations of DDT. Some other fish-eating bird species, including the bald eagle and pelican, were threatened with extinction due to reduced reproduction. Because of the pesticides that got into their bodies, the eggshell became so thin and fragile that the eggs were damaged, and the embryos of the chicks died.

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  • Write in a “Problems of water pollution” essay that lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium and other toxic metals also can accumulate in the water environment. With a prolonged, gradual increase in the dose, the same damage is caused as when receiving a single large dose.

    A high level of mercury is observed in industrial effluents, lakes, and rivers. Passing through the organisms of bacteria, the toxic substances become even more harmful. Getting into the bodies of people and animals, these poisons cause dysfunctions of the nervous system, brain, and even mutational processes.

    Today, fish contaminated with methylmercury regularly gets at our dining tables. Even if the fish does not die due to the absorbed substances, it performs an intermediary role. A human can suffer from poisoning. Also, a lethal outcome is possible.

    Another poison that accumulates in the water bodies is arsenic. The scientists found it in cleansers, dyes used in the production of toilet paper, napkins.

    Lead was found in industrial waters. It is used in the metal industry, in the manufacture of batteries, gasoline, glass, insecticides, and paints.