how to write this descriptive essay?

how to write this descriptive essay?
i’m writing a descriptive essay on my bedroom. I was wondering how i would break it down into paragraphs. How could i describe each part of my bedroom and have it flow good

the bedroom is the most significant room in a house. Everyone needs in the private bedroom, his personal possession. My bedroom is very important for me because I spend much time here, have all necessary things close to me and many memories, related with this peace of the house.

Obviously, we spend the great amount of time in our bedrooms. I don’t only sleep here but also study and work quite often. It’s very important for me to have relaxation in my cosy nook after the hard working day. I could simply read a book, see movie or enjoy the beautiful sight from the window.

All necessary things, which I use in my daily life, are in my bedroom. I have a good bed to sleep and see incredible dreams. I have a computer here, which helps me during my education process. I also have a piano in my bedroom, despite the fact that it takes up much space, and I could improve my musical skills in any time. I enjoy such room because it’s possible to work and study everywhen, not disturbing other relatives.

Finally, there are many commemorations from my childhood, which are related with that room. I have remembered the blur looms of my first steps and smiles on my parents’ faces. My first touch of the piano and computer keyboards in my bedroom also will never go away from my memory.

I believe that the bedroom is the most intimate place in everyone’s life. It stands to reason that we not only spend much time there, practicing favorite activities, but also have beautiful memories and all necessary things in that part of our habitation.