How was MacBeth a tragic hero?

How was MacBeth a tragic hero?
I have to write an essay on how he was a tragic hero but I didn’t really understand the book therefore I don’t really know what to write 🙁 HELP PLEASE!!!!

The main characteristics of a tragic hero are:

1) Foreseeing the root of his own downfall through increased self awareness.

2) Is of noble stature and thus flawed by all things associated with nobility (pride, wealth, expectations, ambition, etc).He bears little to no responsibility for possessing this flaw but is predestined to fail because of it.

3) A tragic flaw that serves as its own antagonist to his goals. Hamlet wanted to avenge his father’s death but he was skeptical of listening to an apparition. His skepticism was his flaw. Macbeth’s was ambition to rule.

4) A reversal of his fortune that was brought about by his flaw and results in his end

5) Universally sympathetic to the audience

So figure out how MacBeth fits these criteria and that’s your answer.