How well would my SAT score be if I did this?

How well would my SAT score be if I did this?
If I do OK/bad on the Math sections of the SAT, but do well/great/excellent on the essay & the reading/comprehension parts will I do generally well on the SAT? I’m just ASKING I plan to do my best on all parts.

If you got a 700 on writing and reading comp and a 600 math, you’d still have a 2000. Mess with the numbers accordingly to see how you’d do in different scenarios. However, the best thing you can do is take them once, see how you did and where you need to improve, then try to improve those areas and take the test again. I took a class in between the two times I took it, and I brought my writing score up 130 points (670 to 800). I’m a freak and actually enjoyed taking SATs though; I found it relaxing. I wish I could take SAT again instead of MCATs next year.