how were versions of monasticism tied to time and place?

how were versions of monasticism tied to time and place?
I need to write a research paper and i don’t get on what?

This is whats giving to me:

As Christianity spread, some individuals sought to distance themselves from the distractions of regular life, either through becoming hermits, or by joining monasteries. Investigate the following three websites, and write a 2- to 3- page essay on how versions of monasticism were tied to time and place (be sure to include the justifications given for the monasteries and instructions to newcomers):… ; (CHAPTER XXXII: PACHOMIUS AND THE TABENNESIOTS); and…

Can some one please break this down?

Well, you’re supposed to read the various texts that you’ve been given, but after you do that, you should be able to explain to somebody what was different about how different kinds of monastic communities were formed, or how people joined them, in different times and places throughout history.

For example, what’s different about a bunch of guys in today’s USA saying, hey, let’s start a monastery; and a bunch of frightened people huddled together in a house somewhere in the Roman Empire, while Christians were still being persecuted, saying, hey, let’s go out in the desert somewhere and practice our religion there? These aren’t really the same motivations or processes, or are they?