How would a photo essay show a message of…?

How would a photo essay show a message of…?
I am really hopeless at finding a topic/message
Butt the ones i’ve came up with are [for a message are]
“Memories are precious, treasure them”
“Time is limited, use it wisely”
“Enjoy life while you still can”
And someone suggested
“Pictures can mean 1000 words”
I’m really interested in doing the “picutres can mean 1000 words”
Butt it’ll be really hard..
I mean you’re using pictures to show how pictures mean 1000 words right?
So yeah..
Well for the messages stated above… whadd pictures would help bring the message out?
Thanks ^^

Let’s see, you came up with three ideas, you aren’t that helpless, have more faith in yourself.

Okay, here are some image ideas for your topics.
Memories are precious –
picture of mom or dad and child,
doing something special – graduation, wedding, confirmation
someone coming through the door that you haven’t seen in awhile
a military person coming home

Time is limited –
Watching the clock, or someone looking at their watch
Kids sitting in class looking at clock

Enjoy life while you still can –
kids playing
older people playing or laughing
parent looking at child
someone watching a boat sailing away

The saying, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ means that pictures say in one image what it would take a writer many words to express. Get a newspaper and look at some of the pictures there. And have a look at the photos on this link from Life Magazine over the years. They were the masters of the 1000 word rule.

Advice – look at pictures and see if you can figure out what is going on, or see if you can make up a story about them. Here’s a photo to give you an idea – see if you can make up a story.[email protected]