How would I start a compare and/or contrast essay?

How would I start a compare and/or contrast essay?
I have to write a well developed compare and contrast essay on Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and Major General George Meade’s Account of the battle. How can I start off the essay? I would appreciate the help! 🙂

I would start by explaining a bit about the Battle of Gettysburg, when it was fought, where, which units, how long it lasted, the casualties.

“The Battle of Gettysburg is often considered the turning point of the Civil War. It began on July 1st, 1863, near the town of Gettysburg, PA. General Robert E. Lee was trying to lead the Army of Virginia into the North, perhaps as far as Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s capital. He was being followed by Maj. Gen. George Meade, newly appointed to lead the Army of the Potomac. Two days later, both armies had suffered the largest number of casualties of the war, with almost 9000 dead and over 27000 wounded. Most significantly, a third of the Confederate officers were killed, wounded, or captured, and Lee lost his reputation of being nearly invincible. Further, the Confederacy’s defeat, when reported in London, put the breaks on any recognition of the CSA as an independent nation.”

Then I’d go on to explain about the two documents.

“Following any event of importance, people emerge to write about what occurred. Some of their writings are factual and concrete and some are more expressive and evocative. For every Justice at Nuremberg there is an Elie Wiesel’s Night. For every Rogers Commission Report there is a Reagan’s Address to the Nation on the subject of the Explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger. Following the Battle of Gettysburg, Maj. Gen. George Meade wrote an account of the battle the headquarters of the Army of the Potomac. He summarized the events of the battle. Six weeks later, President Lincoln spoke at a ceremony dedicating a portion of the battlefield as a cemetery, in what is now knows as his Gettysburg Address. Although both men spoke about the same events, their purposes were different and the resulting writings show it.”

Then go on to compare them.