How would you place World War One in a wider historical context?

How would you place World War One in a wider historical context?
For instance, could I make links between other wars and ww1?
Or what could I do-give the influences of WW1 on the modern age?
Thanks-it is for a history essay I need to complete for school-so really important:)
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good question. The “Great War” has a direct link to WW II, Korean War, and Vietnam. There is an indirect link to the First Persian Gulf War for the United States and Great Britain. The details are many and so many that they wouldn’t quite fit in this forum.

I will come back periodically and update my answer in order to provide clarity and hopefully that will assist you.

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Edit: It’s common knowledge (for the most part) that the consequences of the Peace of the Treaty of Versailles had all but assured that there would be another war in the future. What is sometimes lost however is how the process actually (or in part) had went per nation that attended this event. Consequences would be forthcoming in the future off of these as well. Japan for instance walked out of the Treaty talks; Ho Chi Minh representing Vietnam was not provided an audience. The link to Korea would be the impending round of fighting between the Russians and Japanese dating as far back as 1895 to the Peninsula as a whole. Taking this into consideration and the COMPLETE dominance of Korea by Japan dating to 1910 (only partial back to 1895) then we see how at the conclusion of the Second World War the Russians had actually been the ones that contacted SCAP (General MacArthur) as how to split the Korean country up. Essentially it sort of defaulted back to the 38th parallel as was previously the case with the Japanese/Russians and later used by the Chinese with Russia’s initial assistance. The crumbling of the Ottoman Empire would be the cause (and need) for the rise of Nation States within the Middle East. Colonies still existed however and would be another 50+ years for some to be turned over to the people.