How would you start an essay about “Dead Poet’s Society”?

How would you start an essay about “Dead Poet’s Society”?
Okay so my teacher made us watch a movie called dead poet’s society i don’t know if anyone heard of the movie but its about how a teacher inspires his students to think poeticly and freely. But i was mostly dosing off because it pretty old and to me banal! so can you guys please give me a few sentences on how to start off my essay in a way to catch my readers eye.PLEASE!!

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Haha, I just watched that for the first time like two days ago! Well, you could start with a basic definition of free will or education…it really depends what your focus is going to be, though. If your focusing on Neil’s suicide, you should start off talking about the role of a parent in a teens education, but if your talking about some other theme of the movie you should probably begin with a few sentences defining free thinking and the advantages/ disadvantages of breaking away from tradition. hope this helped!