How would you write a conclusion paragraph of an essay?

How would you write a conclusion paragraph of an essay?
It is for the story Lord of the Flies. Im a little stuck. It’s due tomorrow.
Please Help!

That all depends on what your thesis is. But the basic outline for a conclusion paragraph is this:

-A statement actually coming to a conclusion about your thesis
-A statement to tie all your paragraphs together; what is important about your findings/thoughts.
-A generalized statement about your subject that gives your reader closure and hopefully leaves them thinking about your subject.

I say statement because each part can be more than one sentence. Here’s an example using an essay trying to about Frederick Douglas’ life as a slave.

Without learning to read and write, Douglas would not have been able to escape slavery. Despite all the torture and torment Frederick Douglas faced, he peresevered and used each experience as a lesson to make himself a better person. So the next time you are faced with adversity and want to give up on life, think back to Frederick Douglas and how adversity made him one of the greatest heroes in American history. He truly embodied the American Dream.