how would you write a good essay with the title “what does not destroy us, makes us stronger”?

how would you write a good essay with the title “what does not destroy us, makes us stronger”?
For my english exam, i have to write the essay with this title….i know what the title means, but i have not got any idea, what/how to write about it ..any ideas?

I think its about learning from life experiences and about how we learn from failure and disappointment. We’ve all had some pain in our lives. If we don’t learn from it, we are destined to make the same mistakes again and expose ourselves to the same risk/hurt/danger/disappointment/ embarrassment. We actually learn very little from getting things right all the time. It is the failures that teach us something new.

Every time we encounter some new threat, we have to deal with it. We will apply what we already know and will also have to be creative to deal with unfamiliar aspects. Sometimes. we simply have to learn how to cope with a situation over which we have no control. The outcome is that we have another ‘tool’ in our mental toolkit. Not only that but we also have the reassurance of knowing that we can face difficult situations and survive. We are more confident. Our confidence and experience make us stronger.

I am pretty sure you may have faced fear in your life, maybe experienced health problems or been close to someone who has, maybe had to deal with heartache or disappointment, maybe felt disadvantaged or treated unfairly. If you haven’t, I’d be jealous but I’m pretty sure you have. Did you crumble and give in or were you strong? What did you learn from it? How do you think this might apply for other people when they face life threatening situations? How might it help them to deal with bullies out there in the neighbourhood or at work? How might it affect their drive and self confidence?

There is a short saying that I have come across: “Success confirms but failure learns”. We learn from overcoming threats and problems. As a result we are stronger as people.

Hope there are some pointers in there for your essay. If not, all it has cost either of us is a few minutes of our time. I’m happy to risk that.