How would you write a Good Essay?

How would you write a Good Essay?
I need help!! I just need a brief explanation on writig a really good essay. I know how to write an essay but I just need to have some one brief me on it. And maybe a few ideas on what to write a paper on. Has to be 5 paragraphs. Thanks for your help.

The 5 paragraph essay is all about helping you to get organized with your thoughts. The first has an opening sentence that draws in an audience, a few sentences introducing the topic (never say “I will be discussing” or anything like that, do not use contractions, or mention yourself, like I or me) and there is a thesis statement at the end which outlines the topic. “Although tigers are rare and dangerous creatures, they have constantly been poached for their fur, hunted for sport, and their habitats have been destroyed by humans for hundreds of years.”
Provided contrast in the thesis, and outline three topics.

then the 3 body paragraphs will cover what you said in your thesis. Include concrete details from sources, though you shouldn’t put them in the first or last sentences of a paragraph. There should be at least two details, with 2 commentaries about them, each.

The final paragraph, the conclusion, usually starts with a restatement of your thesis, and moves toward a broader evaluation of your paper. “The number of tigers in the wild continues to decrease (or whatever your findings are) every day, and society needs to work together to bring up the numbers of this rare and beautiful creature.”