I am not a English speaker, so Help me~!?

I am not a English speaker, so Help me~!?
I am not a native speaker. so…
I want to know this is correct or not.
If there are mistakes or wrong sentences grammatically,
Please let me know.

Write to Compare and Contrast

As I am a student of ABC online university, I want to talk about online classes comparing and contrasting with offline classes.
First, online classes students can study at anytime while offline classes students have to go to school at fixed time. So, online classes students can take the classes having a job.
Secondly, we can study anywhere even from another country.
America, Mexico, Malaysia…….. anywhere we can take the classes if we have a computer that can access the internet. But offline classes students have to go to school whether your house is close or not. So some peoples have to move in around the school. And if not, it can take a few hours to reach there.
Thirdly, we can learn by repetition the lectures without restriction.
Offline students can’t have a chance to repetition because many students study together. But in the online classes, if we don’t understand, we can repeat until we understand.
After these courses, both earn a bachelor’s degree,
But the person who puts off to study in the situation of studying alone, could be hard with the online classes.
I think it’s a good suggestion to take online classes to who already has a job, who wants to study from another country, and who can study alone well.

i will just correct as i go – sentences that need work and i will skip the ones that look okay.
i will also change the sentence structures if they sound wrong and add in some more details if i think it sounds more correct

btw..instead of using “offline classes” you should just use “public school” – offline classes sound strange and that term isn’t used. public school is the norm, and saying offline classes makes it sound like online classes are the norm, when actually its the other way around.

i would like to compare and contrast online classes with offline classes (other words are just fillers btw)
students who are taking online classes can have a job at the same time.
secondly, we can study from anywhere, even from another country.
offline class students can have problems with arriving to school, especially if they live quite a distance away, so people have to move closer to the school or find a quicker method of arriving to school so they won’t be late. sometimes it can take hours to actually reach the school (btw your sentence is a bit incorrect. people don’t live hours away from their school. that would cost too much gas to commute. at the most, it would take 1 hour, not hours – so you should omit this part)

thirdly, we can learn lectures by practicing them repeatedly and won’t be restricted by (what goes here? time? restriction by what?)
offline students dont have a chance practice (practice what – when you use repetition, im so confused! repetition of WHAT?) because many students study together and don’t learn the information because they can’t stay focused.
but in the online classes, if we are confused by something, we can go over the information as many times as we want till we understand it.
after these courses, both will earn a bachelor’s degree, but the person who didn’t take time to study thoroughly will not be as informed as the person who studied online.
i think taking online classes who be good for someone who already has a job, someone who is studying from another country, and someone who can study alone and still do well.

is this all you’re writing? you should add some more details. it seems like an essay, except there aren’t any supporting details. btw you should never start a sentence with the word “but”. that is grammatically incorrect.
some of the arguments for online classes confuse me. i don’t exactly get what you are talking about or what you mean by certain phrases.

you put “Malaysia…….. ” at one point. it should be “Malaysia…” only 3 dots.

i tried to help the best i could…if you need any more help you can message me