I am wanting to become a cardiologist?

I am wanting to become a cardiologist?
Will a second language (ie Spanish) help me get into med school and help me get a good job somewhere?

Yes, taking another foreign language… i don’t see why it wouldn’t help

A doctor is willing to commit to his/her goals despite obstacles.
Steps to be a doctor:

1. Volunteer or work in a medical setting. (This checks if you are willing to commit — working long hours and dealing with difficult people).

2. Excel (in excellent grades, and you must demonstrate you are a responsible person by participating in community service and helping people, and one day– earn the supervisors recommendation letters to Medical School, which is a “golden ticket” to medical school).

3. Commit (getting an MD depends more on commitment to your goals and interest).

4.Graduate from a 4-year college
○2 year of freshman chemistry with laboratory courses.
○1 year of organic chemistry with laboratory courses.
○1 year of physics with laboratory courses.
○1 year of English.
○1 year of calculus.

5. Take the Medical School Admissions Test (MCAT) and take the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT). (Take several practice tests and see how you do. Then take several more before the real thing. You will be tested in the following areas, they first three of which are graded on a scale of 1-15:
○Verbal Reasoning (Reading Comprehension)
○Physical Sciences (Chemistry and Physics).
○Biological Sciences (Organic Chemistry and biology)
○writing samples (2 essay questions).
——– Strive to get ABOVE 10 of the first 3 sections in order to get an average MCAT score (for doctors).

6. Complete Medical school, and then take:
○USMLE Step 1- you must pass this in order to progress into the third year.
○Third year- 1-2 months of each major medical specialties (internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, OB/GYN, etc); work with patients and learn to raise social skills that give a doctor good bedside manners.
○Fourth year- Take electives based on preferred specialty; apply to residency programs; pass the USMLE step 2.

7. Enter your residency training period (this is when you are training to be a doctor. You will earn an average salary of $44K per year while being a resident, which lasts at least 3 years to complete to be a doctor. It can last as many as 8 years of residency training before you are licensed to practice — depending on the job. The more pay, for example, a surgeon, may take as long as 8 years. )