I am writing an essay and I need a lot of help.?

I am writing an essay and I need a lot of help.?
I have to manifest a creative essay on why I chose the field of Medicine as my major to study. I need to make it creative and as professional as possible. Can you provide me with an introduction to begin.

Im not a good essay writer, I will give u some details, and more to it if u can, I might have grammar problem but read it to others and ur self but hear it goes.

What is like been a doctor, and saving others?

Every person has a dream where they want it to be in future after college, my dream is to become a doctor, I studied hard each time to full fill my dream. When ever I receive a better grade, I fell happy of my self. Im taking courses in my college about medicine, and take notes each time when ever I study about the medicine. This course really become very difficult for me, sometimes I have struggle while Im doing the researcher about my major. However, if I try to complete the course, it will be a best achievement I will ever have in my life working with others in the medical office

Put some details if u can, if u give me 10pts. Let me know what college u are attending, Im attending community college, my major is physical therapist, I live in NJ.