i am writing an essay on “are Americans becoming too materialistic?” could somebody help with it.?

i am writing an essay on “are Americans becoming too materialistic?” could somebody help with it.?
The essay should include; stating the problem,provide examples,provide illustrations-statistics,definitions, also state the problems.also present possible solutions,also pesent solutions to the problems u present above. finally present results and tell us what will happen if we do what you tell us or if we do what you tell us.

First of all, I am in no way attempting to do your homework for you but I will offer my own opinon. The disease this country suffers from is called Affluenza. Affluenza is the social disease caused by consumerism, commercialism, and rampant materialism and its antidote is simple living. We are not becoming we already are. An example is the thousands of dollars of credit card debt the average household has. Not to mention owning more cars than people who can drive them. Watch tv, listen to the radio or walk down the street and you are bombared with advertising that is designed to make you feel inferior for not having their product. We’re a throw away nation that contributes more waste and pollution to the earth than some nations with more people. We have storage facilities to house the “stuff” we don’t use. The only way to cure materialism to realize that “stuff” won’t make us happy. We are an immature nation that believes bigger is better and more is better but even more is best. It would take a change in consciousness that at present we are not capable of making because we don’t want to. We’re comfortable this way. It’s much easier to have all the products that do things for us so we don’t have to even if they’re just cluttering up our houses. Most of the people I know can’t fit everything they own in their houses and apartments. When you suggest they get rid of something they always agree that they should but they never seem to get around to it. Meanwhile they read about a sale somewhere and are off the get the latest and greatest new whatever. I think we really only need certain things. A good car to get around in. A good pair of shoes to support your feet and back. A good bed to support your back. Someplace to eat, sleep, bathe, and entertain (dwelling). And enough clothes to cover you for a month (that’s what washing is for) and if you want extras and ammenites fine but how about just one instead of one in every color. But that’s just what I think.