I can’t decide which religion course to take in University?

I can’t decide which religion course to take in University?
Introduction to Judaism
Introduction to Islam
Introduction to Buddhism
Introduction to the Study of Religion

Now here is the thing: logic would dictate that you should take introduction to the study of religion but the problem with that course, is that it is very scattered in the way it is taught: they expect you to read the entire koran (about 200+ pages in ONE WEEK), they expect you to be able to analyze things like the psychic prophecies of Edgar Cayce etc… They expect you to read the ENTIRE BOOK OF GENESIS in ONE WEEK!!! Most scholars will spend 5 years analyzing Genesis or 1 year analyzing a chapter of Genesis and they expect you to read Genesis in ONE WEEK!!!

Essay topics are structured in such a way that no amount of background knowledge in religion could you give you a tactical advantage in creating your essay.

A sample essay topic is this: How does the book of Numbers and Deuteronomy affect the way that black people are viewed in society?

What effect has Edger Cayce’s psychic predictions had on society?

Lots of work 🙂

Welcome to college !!

Most colleges have recommendations for which to take first, second, etc.
Looks to me like
“Introduction to the Study of Religion” should come first

The first essay topic you provide seems …dumb
or rather — you would have to do substantial study of 18th, 19th, 20th century race-related religious writing in order to say anything to it.
But maybe the way the course is run, objects become simpler as you go through the classes?

OTOH – I don’t see why Edgar Cayce belongs in an Intro to Religion course.
Y’all should be starting with Greek religion, Egyptian religion, Judaism, Christianity, Budhism, Hinduism…etc. — not some modern Charlatan.

If they are not requiring the Intro course as a pre-requisite —

Then just go with a one-religion class —
Pick the one you are interested in the most.