I doing an essay on The Best Things in Life but i don’t know how to make a good introduction. Pls help.?

I doing an essay on The Best Things in Life but i don’t know how to make a good introduction. Pls help.?

the best things in life, hey? Depends on what you consider to be the best things in life, but…

Start with a shortish eye catching sentence. This is what I call ‘the introduction of the introduction’. For example, say the topic is ‘the things people savour the most’. You could start ‘Some ppl savour their food the most. Some ppl have their families as their top priority. Some people believe that the things they savoured most are abstract, unable to be bough and irreplaceable.’ You can make the eye catcher more than one sentence, but I wouldn’t use the same sentence structure more than 2-3 times, because it just wrecks the effect.

In the example I’ve just given you, that could be all the introduction is, if the things mentioned are going to be the main points in your essay. (may I suggest not using the example I have given you, because it is not the same topic as what your essay will be on).

Or you can go with what I call the ‘dry and safe’ approach, where you basically reiterate the essay topic in your own words. Using the same example topic as above (things people savour the most), “This essay is about things people savour the most.”

Or you can combine the ‘eye-catcher’ with the ‘dry and safe’ method, which makes your point clear, but effective and invites the reader to keep reading and not stop at the first sentence thinking… ‘yes, I know that. I’m bored already. Are they just going to tell me what I already know in the rest of the essay?” It’s more a speech-style essay, I think.
Eg “Throughout a person’s life, there are things they remember and savour more than others. This essay will address the things people remember with the most fondness in life.”

After your nice intro of your intro, you expand. Mention the main topics that you are going to address in your introduction. Usually you use one paragraph for each main topic, so you may have 2-6 or so main topics, depending on the word count and how long you want the essay to be.

Your intro needs to aim to:
(1) catch your reader’s attention and make them want to read on,
(2) inform the reader what the topic is – although not neccessarily in the exact same words as the title (in case they didn’t read the title),
(3) inform the reader of the essay contents. Your introduction is like the contents page of a book, but worded nicely.
(4) be short, clear and concise. Choose your wording and sentence structures carefully for best effect.
(5) show your reader that you are logical
(6) give your reader a first-hand impression of yourself. If your essay is sloppy, it is likely the rest of your essay is sloppy. Even if it’s not, a sloppy introduction will STICK in your reader’s mind and make them think that the rest of your essay was sloppy, although it isn’t. You want to impress the reader. So no grammar or spelling mistakes should ever be found in an introduction, or it gives a bad impression of you as a writer.

Some tips: If your word count is 200 words, you want your intro and conclusion to be a maximum of 20 words each. 10% of your word count for your introduction – MAXIMUM. Otherwise you are probably being too wordy. Keep things nice and concise.

These are only my own tips and things I’ve learnt from my own experience. There are other ways and methods to write a good intro. Hope I’ve helped some. 😀
Happy essay writing!