I don’t know how to start this essay?

I don’t know how to start this essay?
So I have to a type 500 word persuasive essay on if high schools should have dress codes or not.
I’m usually good with writing essays, I just have a really hard time starting them.
So yeah… any help?

It’s a short essay but have you looked up or thought of any pros or cons to dress codes. What are some reasons why it would be a good idea? Why would it be a bad idea?

I’m sure you can think of at least a few good reasons why it would be a good idea.

Some schools are plagued by gangs and a dress code would eliminate use of gang colors or clothing.

A dress code keeps students from showing up in tank tops and flip flops and more importantly keeps males and females from dressing in a fashion that would be distracting to a building full of raging hormones.

Dress codes standardize what is acceptable wear once you leave high school as well and instill a bit of humility and pride in ones appearance.

Why a Dress code is bad.

Keeps students from expressing themselves as individuals

Keeps students from possibly wearing certain fashions that may be fad at the time.

Students may not all be able to afford certain clothing items that are deemed by a dress code.

Now I am not trying to see if anyone agrees or disagrees with me as I am just throwing some ideas out there for you to ponder and like any other essay you write, you have to brainstorm what it is you want to talk about in the essay to begin with before just slapping some sentences on paper and seeing if it is going to work or perhaps, slide by.

With this one I would probably do the pros and cons of Dress codes and in reality, most of them are not that bad because all they really want to do is keep people from looking like they just came from the beach or the skating park with skimpy clothes or torn jeans with your butt cheeks sticking out. A bit of formal dress code is not that bad and it goes toward the rule of give one person an inch and they take a mile and one hundred students would come dressed appropriately to school everyday and it just takes that one person who has no clue to ruin it for everyone else and therefore schools initiate dress codes for the entire student body. It’s not that bad really since when I went to High School it was dress shoes, slacks, button down shirt with belt and every friday add a suit jacket. But that was a private school and well either way, it didn’t kill me to look presentable everyday and believe it or not once you set some ground rules on dress, people take that with them later on in life so it can be a good thing 🙂 Just some thoughts, maybe you can come up with a direction you want to take it in now. Good luck and hope it helped.