I don’t know what should I write about in my college essay.?

I don’t know what should I write about in my college essay.?
I’m having trouble picking a topic.
I dont know if i should write about me coming to America and overcoming the language barrier, it sounds so cliche. what should i write about?

There are a million topics to suggest, but don’t give up on your first idea too easily.

A cliche topic doesn’t have to be bad, as long as you execute it well and you make it more personal. In this case, you could use specific examples of English words that you originally misunderstood or misused. Even though it’s common, learning English is also a good topic for helping you include at least one humorous anecdote, and a little bit of good humor in a college essay is like pure gold to an admissions reader.

Overcoming a language barrier isn’t a one-time activity, either. If you can convey in your essay the ways in which you’re still learning, or the ways in which you sometimes still help others in your family (often an older relative) as they continue to master English, you’re showing the college admission reader that you’re still focused on learning, which is exactly the posture you want to have.

Finally, admissions readers like to learn themselves, so one sure-fire way to shine through the cliche is to fit a few words, idiomatic phrases and concepts from your native language into your essay. If an admissions reader puts down an essay and says “wow, I learned something,” they’re more inclined to recommend admission.

Good luck!