i dont understand the sat?

i dont understand the sat?
okay this may sound rather odd but during the psat, i took it and got a score of around 1000 i know that is horrible but how is it that my friend was high during the test and got a 1300? like in school and other tests i do way much better than him but during the sat i just dont understand

I’ll be brutally honest and say that 1000 and 1300 aren’t good scores in any respect (unless you’re not even in high school). The good thing is, unless you’re a junior, you have a lot of time to prepare.

The SAT isn’t like the average high school test. It is 4 hrs long (the real SAT has 9 sections, one being an essay, unlike the PSAT which is 2 hrs), therefore testing your endurance and concentration. But it’s main aspect is that it’s a reasoning test: it tests your ability to infer knowledge and use reason to apply what you have learned so far in school. While many school tests just require memorization and rote learning, the SAT is something you’ve been preparing for your whole educational career and tests your ability as a logical thinker.

If you’ve taken the PSAT you know what kind of questions to expect. The math on the SAT is harder than the math on the PSAT. The SAT also covers a more extensive range of reading, writing and math questions. You will also have to deal with the essay, which doesn’t show up at all on the PSAT (IMO it should). They pretty much give you a very general topic, then ask you to take a position and write an essay in 25 minutes using solid examples to back up your argument.

If you are serious about preparing, I recommend the Blue Book (Official Study Guide for the SAT by College Board), because it has 10 practice tests, individual review and practice sections, and was made by the makers of the SAT itself. Other good books to consider are the Princeton Reviews and Barrons.

The SAT is similar to high school tests in one aspect though: in that it can be studied for, and your score is in your hands. If you are motivated, persistent, and assiduous enough, you will be able to get your goal score. Good luck.