I got a 2 on the AP World History :(?

I got a 2 on the AP World History :(?
ink my final average for AP World History was like a 96%. Also I live in New York state so we are require to take a regents exam in World History, and my score on that was a 97%.
I really hope top colleges and Ivy league schools won’t reject me because I scored a 2 on this AP World Hisotry exam. Do you think that they will understand that I’m not bad at history and just had a bad day on the AP test when they see my high average (96%) in the AP history class itself and also my 97% on the regents?
I’m really worried please help me!

The schools I might want to apply to:

P.S: I’m retaking my Math B regents because I got an 83, do you think that is bad to get into an Ivy? Because my average in the Math class itself was a 98% and my teacher’s own math final I got a 95%.
My teacher isn’t bad or easy on us. The difference is due to me not studying for the Math B because I thought it was gonna be easy, I know kids that had the same grades as me that got a 93.

Thank you so much!!!

Don’t worry about it too much. Remember that you can always cancel that 2 on AP World History permanently for a couple of bucks. Also, a 2 isn’t awful, just slightly below average (think of it as a C- and not as an F). The important thing is to learn from the mistakes and to do better the next time. For example, I did really well on AP World History exam but I did run out of time on my essays (1hr. on my 1st essay CCOT, 40mins on my 2nd DBQ, and 20mins on my 3rd Compare/Contrast). Now I know for the next AP exams to really practice in budgetting time for the free respons. What gave me my high score was that I knew almost every single multiple choice question, not my essays. That method may not work too well for AP English Lang. or APUSH next year.

Also, don’t worry about those Regents tests. Colleges will probably not care for them. What you should do is take the SAT Subject Test for Math (Level II is best) and get a good score on that. Don’t waste your time trying to get a good score on a state test, colleges will care more for the nation-wide SAT II.

P.S. Remember that if you cancel the score you probably will have to explain to the college why the course appears on your transcript but not on your AP scores (you could always just say you did not take the test, there wont be any collegeboard documentation to say other wise 😉 Careful though, the school might still have a record that you did, better just be honest. You could also just include the score in your application and an explanation of why you did bad.
Personally I would only cancel a score if it was a 1 or if it was going to interfere with an AP scholar award (they use the average score on the tests to give out awards)