i got a 2 to 3 pages essay to do and a dairy till friday?

i got a 2 to 3 pages essay to do and a dairy till friday?
i couldve done this a week ago but i got really sick and ended up in the hospital, anyways my english teacher said that i was suppose to read of any kind of book and to choose multiple projects for it, i chose a diary because from my point of view it one of the easiest, it says that im suppose to have three different entries of the book i read, the book i read is called the search for a perfect dog , it goes on telling about how the author who is also the main character in the story tell about his life with so many dogs he had in his life and how each one of them change his life differently, im guessing that for a dairy im suppose to start of like if i was the author from where he first got his dog and how he was before he got the dog at a young age and(second entry) on how he was from a kid to an adult to working at a animal shelter,sleeping dogs(executing) and adopting one from another choosing the dogs he had in his lifetime (third entry) from where he had his last dog and realize that his first one was the perfect one not forgetting about the other ones but how they all change his life

please correct me if im wrong on doing this the 2 to 3 page essay is pretty much summarizing everything and doing a brief essay on it

A diary is the events of that day, not a summary of the person’s life in three entries. So the first diary entry might be the first DAY with the dog, the second might be a DAY in the life of him at the animal shelter, the third the DAY he realizes the first was perfect. And if the essay is separate from the diary, then keep in mind that anyone can summarize, the point of essay writing is comprehension. What lesson did the character learn by the end of the book? What moral is taught? Etc.

Other than that little particular I don’t understand why you’re asking a question, you seem to have it down to me….