I hate my professor?

I hate my professor?
I know im not the best writer but dammit i try! I feel like this professor just hates me because he sort of ignores me in class and my essay’s aren’t what i expected. However, this is the problem im probably getting the grades (two high B’s) i deserve but i feel so sad and take it really personal and i think he’s noticed and doesn’t like that. The problem is how do i except that my writing isn’t what i thought it was (I never got a B in other English’s classes and now i cant seem to get an A) and not take it to personal and move on, accept the grade and don’t waste so much time on my writing and focus on my other classes, since apparently it is impossible for me to get an A ): thank you! i just need some advice on how not to feel horrible

Go see an English tutor who can help you tweak your writing. In this question, there are dozens of errors and it’s written on about an 8th grade level. I’m sure you up your game for your essays, but my guess is that with the grammar and usage errors, you simply aren’t writing on an A level.

I know im not the best writer, but damn it, I try! (4 errors) I feel like this professor hates me; he shows this by ignoring me in class. (4+ errors, rewrite for clarity) I know my essays aren’t what I expect out of myself, but (insert rest of new sentence here). (multiple errors, complete rewrite) However, the problem is that I’m probably getting the grades I deserve (two high B’s), but I feel so sad and take it really personally. (8+ errors) I think he’s noticed my distress and doesn’t like it. (3 errors)

I don’t do this to you to make you feel worse and this was a quick edit from a non-English major. I just corrected the most egregious things. I did this to give you a better idea of why you are doing poorly so you can work on changing it.