I have a bad grade and I dont know what to do! How do I improve it before end of second quarter?

I have a bad grade and I dont know what to do! How do I improve it before end of second quarter?
So, I am an honors student and am in middle school. I was already supposed to be 2 grade levels above my grade but I was moved down, so moving down again would be too much embarrassment! Anyways, my homework is so overwhelming!! It is literally killing me. I have so many tests, quizzes, and homework and it’s just so hard to handle! And the worst part is, my school gets out at 4’o clock so I don’t have a lot of time at night. I have only missed homework once and it’s the second quarter. Now here is the real problem. My mom puts what feels like the pressure of the world on my shoulders to do good in school and I’ve maintained my straight A’s like she wants, but there was this big test in math and lets just say I didn’t do so well! Now, I am at a 80.9 in math!! MY MOTHER IS GOING TO KILL ME!!! I’m going to retake the test, but I crunched the numbers and even if I got 100% I would not be able to get a B when I average the two grades together. I used to be at a 75% in math but I took a different quiz in math so now I’m here. I can’t ask for extra credit, it’s not permitted at my school. And here is the worst part ever, and it wouldn’t have been an issue until now! My dad said that if I got all A’s this quarter then he would give me the new Iphone 5! I have had this design of phone for 8 years and I have been dying for a new one, so I really can not let this opportunity slip! Please help!!

Middle school? Simple. Do all of your homework during recess/nutrition and lunch. If you finish some (or all of it) by then, you’ll have more time to go back and fully understand it when you’re at home. Assuming your teachers aren’t crazy, chances are that the math tests cover exactly what the homework was on– it sounds as if you might not be understanding the homework as well as you could because you don’t have enough time to do it. You’d also have to throw away the friends who have lower grades then you or bring them up to your level– you either bring them up or they bring you down.

Just get in the habit of being responsible enough to care about maintaining your grades. Learn how to “work the system.” Don’t worry about the iPhone 5. Millions of people got through middle school without having a cell phone– if you’re trying to keep up with the gadgets that your friends have, you might what to re-consider and think about what this all really means. If you don’t do well this quarter, there’s always the next quarter, and the next, and high school, so I doubt your Dad won’t hold back a reward for doing good in the future (He actually probably only said that because he already knows that you will not get all As). I wouldn’t stress too much about middle school since no one really cares as long as you made it through (but don’t neglect learning so much that you fail everything, since EVERYTHING is cumulative).

Again, I would just get in the habit of trying to become a responsible person that cares about maintaining your grades. Try doing the homework at the same time the teacher is explaining it, and try doing it during recess/nutrition and/or lunch time.

It is important to get good grades, but again, I believe it is more important to learn how to become a responsible individual during this time. Math is the probably most important subject in middle/high school because if you don’t get it now, you’ll probably be taking the same 8th-grade level math class in college. Try to improve and understand your math because you can potentially save years of time if you place into the highest mathematics possible at an early age(You want to at least want to have finished a Calculus class before finishing High School. To give you an idea, it usually Basic Math -> Pre-Algebra -> Algebra I -> Geometry -> Algebra II -> Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus -> Calculus. — you’re probably somewhere between Basic Math and Geometry).

I was the ranked in the top 10 (also in honors) by time I finished middle school and ranked in the top 20 (received “highest honors”) by time I finished high school will little to no effort. I would literally go home everyday and play video games because I’d always finish my homework at school because that’s how much time I had. And since I always understood my homework, I always aced the exams ( I was also a pretty good writer, so essays were never a problem since I knew how to “work the system” 😡 ). Of course, I still had friends, but neglected some of the other things students should be worrying about…. but that’s another story.

And woah, how did I end up making this wall of text…?