I have no idea how to write this essay!?

I have no idea how to write this essay!?
For an essay on Oedipus Rex (Oedipus the King) we have to respond to the quote “Those calamities we inflict on ourselves are those which cause the most pan.”-Messenger and explain the the context on the quote and its greater implications both within the play and the world.
I don’t know how to even start this 🙁

Ahhh english lit, i am not very good but i will give you some indication.

step one looking at the quote.
What does this show you this will be your first step. Here you analysis the english for example: “i wish i could put you in a cage”. (this is nothing to do with urs it is jus an example)

what wods are significant ? in thew above line, these would be

i wish.

i wish: it indicates to the reader the person who is saying this does not eitherlike the person who they are responding to or they’re annoyed.

cage: what is a cage, what does it show ?

then futher these and explain

some more questions

does the quote foreshadow anything.
does it infulence other through out the story.
why has the author chosen to do this.

if you need a source on how to write an essay: this helped me.

d/w if u do this essay bad just learn from it on my 1st english lit i got a D on my last one a i Got a B

so it really is learning how to do them !