i have to write a 500 word essay on…?

i have to write a 500 word essay on…?
how ive grown and developed over the years.
what are some topics i can talk about
because i dont have enough info to make a 500 word essay?

Of course you do:
You can cover physically how you have grown, talk about different types of clothes you have worn, start with onesies that your parents put you in – toddler clothes, outfits you remember etc…
Talk about sports you have played, how when you started learning the rules and became better and better
About literature you enjoy, what you liked having read to you as a youngster, when you liked to read when you first learned, as a young adult, teen ager, now, or stop where ever you are in that progress
Talk about your vocabulary and how you started with a few sounds and learned about letters how old you were when you said your first word, started to write, finish up with how you can even write and speak intellectually for a 500 word essay on how you have grown and developed over the years