I have to write a essay on legalizing marijuana?

I have to write a essay on legalizing marijuana?
I have to write an essay about why I think we should legalize marijuana. Can you give me some reasons and some sources it has to be like 5-7 mins long as I explain it to my class

First off do you need to actually justify it? or is it open for discussion. I would mention that general use of the substance should not be regulated by the government for reasons including harm to persons not involved, substance abuse and the psychological dangers as well as genetic defects common in persons known for using the substance. Once that’s said, medicated marijuana can be justified. It nullifies pain and is known to be of great use for cancer patients who are in extreme pain.

If you cannot have it as a discussion then you can talk about the tax benefits, as legalising marijuana gives the government more money to put into education and medicine (if you have a fairly based system, which if you live in america you do not but you can pretend like you do because its more accepted that way)

Before anyone actually thinks this is a valid reason they should actually look at places like amsterdam who’s system has fallen apart and is unable to re-ban the substance which is causing great financial strain for all persons involved, and burdening other states. Another way to look it is though is if you legalise it in some states/countries then potheads will flood into those countries and natural selection will take its course a lot quicker and reduce the burden on the rest of society.