I have to write a persuasive essay… its abortion a good one?

I have to write a persuasive essay… its abortion a good one?

Personally, I don’t believe in abortion for any reason. The reason why is because I believe that life starts once the egg is fertilized by the sperm cell. New advances in technology have enabled scientists to observe the amazing changes that take place in the nucleus of this one-celled fertilized egg. The molecules making up the DNA of the father and mother combine to create a human life that never existed before. That original single cell begins the truly miraculous process of constructing a fully formed human. The nature of this “construction” project is determined by our genes, which are segments of DNA. These control virtually everything about us. They determine our height, facial features, eye and hair color, and thousands of other traits.

Afterward, as that original cell divides, the complete genetic “blueprint” is duplicated into every new cell. Amazingly, each of these is programmed to develop into whatever kind of cell is needed. This includes heart tissue, brain cells, bone, skin, and even transparent tissue for our eyes. The initial programming within the original cell for the development of a unique new person has understandably often been referred to as “a miracle.”

“The human being is fully programmed for human growth and development for his or her entire life at the one cell age,” reported Dr. David Fu-Chi Mark, a celebrated molecular biologist. He concluded: “There can no longer be any doubt that each human being is totally unique from the very beginning of his or her life at fertilization.”

Since I believe that life begins once the cell is fertilized, I believe that abortion at any point after that puts an end to that life, also called murder. I liken it to a man and woman who are forced into marriage because they live in a culture where they don’t have a say in whom they marry. The husband thinks it is unfair because he never wanted to marry his wife but is only stuck married to her because of the circumstances of his culture, so he puts her to death to free himself. There is no doubt that he committed murder, and it is just as unquestionable that a woman getting an abortion because she is unintentionally pregnant is doing the same thing. The only thing the murdered wife did was get married because of the circumstances, and the only thing the murdered baby did was be conceived because of the circumstance.

I also have taken into consideration the light that the Bible sheds on the matter. Psalm 139:16 says that God sees the embryo deep inside the woman, showing that he recognizes the life that it has. Also, under the Mosaic Law, Exodus 21:22-25 says that if a pregnant woman got injured because she got caught up between two men fighting with each other, then whatever deformities or death that the child suffered should be imposed upon the man responsible. If God thought it serious enough to punish a person who unintentionally injured an unborn child, how do you think he feels about a person who intentionally does it?

These are my personal beliefs and I never force them on others. Besides, the Bible itself says “each one will carry his own load.” (Galatians 6:5) Women contemplating abortion would do well to consider how their Creator feels about it, and how they would feel after the abortion is over. There are many, many women who have been surveyed who regret getting an abortion. Also, there are many woman who got pregnant due to rape (some were even due to incest), but they were able to live normal lives. While they regret the manner in which the child was born, they don’t regret that the child was born. There are even times when doctors say that the child should be aborted because it’s quality of life or life expectancy looks grim, but the child is born perfectly healthy or lives much longer than the doctor said. There are also many parents who have children with deformities, but instead of wishing the child was never born, they cherish each day they do have with the child as if it may be their last. And even children who end up having children are able to be successful parents. Such ones who feel like their back is against the wall should know that their situation is not unique. Others have triumphed who are in their situation, and any hurdles that taking care of a child poses have been overcome and can be overcome again.