i have to write a scholarship essay..?

i have to write a scholarship essay..?
I am a high school student trying to apply for a scholarship, which IS finacial aid. This isnt “homework help”. Learn what your talking about before you go and be a dick about it.

I gather the basics from that question that are what knowledge do you have of international issues and different cultures and how would this help you being part of a workplace in a more globally aware society. Well that’s what I think lol.

Maybe talk about the advantages of globalization and how different cultures are more easily able to be in contact as the society is becoming more versatile in language and it communications.
Talk about your experience with other cultures e.g. are you mixed race or have a strong cultural background?
Maybe mention any travailing you have done?
It also would probably good to mention if you would like to practice physical therapy in a different country?

To be more clear I do not exactly get the question you are being asked, seems abit general and non specific but I put a few ideas out there if you find them any help.

I think its always good to quote the question in your answer though its hows your answering the question clearly and keeps you on track.