I have to write an essay on biological evolution any ideas?

I have to write an essay on biological evolution any ideas?
For our biology final we were asked to write a 1000 word paper on biological evolution. The quality of our essay will be judged relative to the essays provided by other students in the class and graded accordingly. This topic is so broad and I don’t want to do the same thing as the other students. Any ideas on a cool angle for this? Something out of the box? Any help would be great. Thanks 🙂

How advanced of a paper can you write? (i.e. What grade or level is this for?)

You can easily find advanced topics that are interesting, but some can be difficult to understand (a lot of quantitative genetics can be confusing).

Some ideas (Google or wiki them if you aren’t familiar with these) – note that there’s overlap in the list:
-Breeding and artificial selection – you can use contemporary (modern plant breeding) or traditional examples
-ecological generalizations
-ring species
-Biology of sex
-Red Queen (arms race)
-Human evolution and migration
-Animal behavior (especially regards to mating and sex: e.g. lekking, mating rituals; social cooperation is also interesting)
-Quantitative genetics
-Speciation and extinction (macro stuff)
-Modern synthesis
-Gene duplication
-I wrote an good paper on a good topic once: “Why some plants change sex”
-eusocial behaviour (ants)
-group selection
-altruism – does it really exist?