I have to write and illustration essay help?

I have to write and illustration essay help?
I’m in college English and the teacher said to write this type of essay she said that it’s suppose to tell a story, narrative writing she also said that it should have a moral. I want to do something on my cousin he passed away about a year ago in a plane accident and his motto in live was “one life one chance live everyday to the fullest” I want to somehow incorporate that in the essay but how please help me out

First you need to make some sort of structure for your story. Have an interesting beginning, a solid body, and wrap it up nicely. I can’t think of anyway to incorporate that into a story… Perhaps there can be two characters where one is always living each day as though it were his last and the other was taking advantage of life? Then something dramtic happens where the one who was taking advantage of it realized it was precious?

Normally with something like this I would do a cutsie kids story, not something dramatic. xD