I have trouble concentrating in school is it ADD?

I have trouble concentrating in school is it ADD?
I have had a lot of trouble concentrating in school. Other stuff sometimes too. Like I’m trying my best to pay attention but I keep zoning out and can’t help , so I’m not learning everything I should but bits of it. We spoke to the doctor and he said that it could be ADD but he does not want to send me to the neurologist so I don’t end up stamped with a learning disability for the rest of my life. He says we should try tutoring instead. I do pretty well with tutoring. Like when I go to my teachers for help I do kind of better than I normally would on something I don’t understand but I’m 16 and at the end of my sophomore year and how will I get through college when it comes if I need tutoring all of the time? I do well in my elective class (fashion) I don’t enjoy that class either but it does not take much to understand since it is mostly memorizing terms and clothing styles and how to work a sewing machine. In chem and math I have a lot of trouble because It is all applying formulas and really focusing on what’s in front of you and I zone out all of the time. In english I can never focus on what we are reading or what she is lecturing about. In history I am completely out of it. In french it’s the same thing. It’s not that I want to do bad but I’m not getting anything in the first place. Studying is the same. I have to read things over and over again sometimes just to grasp what I read. I feel like the adults just aren’t listening to me and it’s killing me. I was reading about kids with ADD/ADHD and it said that they end up in IEP classes and on 504 plans and I know a girl with ADHD who does these things and I just wanted to know if they make you go into these things if you do have them. Like can you have ADD or ADHD and go to public school and just not go to these things and go about everything normally? Or are the IEP and 504 required. Someone told me that if you have these things it makes it hard for you to get into a good college and get jobs and stuff. Is this true? I just want this all figured out and I want to be able to sit through a class and understand everything because was able to focus in the first place. If it’s not ADD can anyone tell me what’s wrong.

It is more than likely ADD. You seem to have better focus in the stuff that interests you, and there is nothing wrong with an IEP, I myself have ADD. It will only help get you a better college and jobs. You get extended times on your SATS . And I too was in all IEP classes except for math because that is my strong subject. When i went to high school i moved into honors science and only had IEP classes for English and history. This year as a sophomore i dropped all the IEP classes but kept my IEP. My IEP gives me extra time and be allowed to test in a smaller room and the option to type all essays. This will cary on to my college, so it is really an advantage. Also many doctors and lawyers have ADD because it is a superpower of absolute focus in your interests. I honestly would start taking stuff for it supplied by a neurologist. Also tutors are good but that is time of your life you can do something else if you could focus in school.